Hulo, rozhovor bol robení v roku 2011 a vyšiel v Limokid zine ako nadveznosť na ešte starší rozhovor niekedy v roku 1999 pre Brotherhood zine. Časy sa menia a nedalo mi nevyspovedať Hulka o tom čo sa zmenilo v jeho živote a aké to je snažiť sa uživiť hudbou. JSS: Ahoj Hulo, ako ide živoť… Read More Hulo


Amy was part of all girl London based political band PETTYBONE promoting vegan lifestyle, feminism and politics. I was overwhelmed when I saw them for the first time, even I might not agree with all their opinions, discussion and political awareness is important and to me it has always been part of hard core punk… Read More Amy


Gino a.k.a. Louis is the man behind many bands and activities within the UK and London scene. Helping to organize gigs in London for Rucktion records or his own collective with Ferg and Richard Ready Eye keeping himself busy all around the clock. He is very nice man, always willing to help and give you… Read More Louis