Slovenský rozhovor je po anglickom.

It has been a long time since we reconnected with Charlie Pints from the Essex bad boys band Pints which is currently in hiatus. You, yes, you who have no idea who Pints are, go fuck yourself right now or better, go and search those geezas right now. You will be shitting your pants Jose.

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J: How are you currently bro? How are you coping with the Covid 19 going on? I am assuming as self employed person you are hit right in your face?

C: Yep, Covid is well and truly doing a lot of damage to myself employed brothers and sisters as well as the whole world. I’m trying not to dwell on the negatives too much and really digging deep passed my own shield of cynicism to find the silver linings in all this crazy shit. Focusing on what I can do to keep my mental health up as well as well as my physical.

J: I find it against the law that Pints decided to call it a day or rather stay in hiatus and leave us in this on our own? What kind of wankers you are keeping our ears and legs stand still? What happened there bro? Are you that lazy bastards or is this part of the bigger picture and starving us to the bone and when the day come, you would strike like the most poisonous snake? What is going on? I could not be more ass licking bastard right now, do I?

C: Ahh thanks man I love that people care so much to say things like that. It’s kind of a combination of all of it really, we are lazy. The band has always kind of been secondary to being mates, going out getting pissed and having fun. It just so happened that people really like the band so that’s a bonus. We started writing more material but found it hard to get anything down that was solid, people were coming and going in the band which made it hard to write obviously and after a while we found ourselves getting burned out trying to keep it fresh and fun. There’s only so many times you can play the same set and it still seem dangerous, raw and fun. We honestly felt it better to put it to bed until we have something substantial to give people. We didn’t want it to ever be like “oh PINTS are playing… again? I’m so bored of those guys.” Luckily one of them silver linings I spoke about is that hopefully that snake is getting ready to bite.

J: Do you miss playing? Anything in the back pocket for hungry wolves?

C: I would jump back on stage in a fucking heart beat, I’d record songs tomorrow and I’ll never stop feeling that way. I can’t wait till I’m just another fat fifty something in camo shorts playing Terror covers at hardcore shows surrounded by fresh faced kids who will no doubt be playing much better shit. I spent winter last year jamming with two really good pals of mine. But one of them just became a dad which is his most important gig ever obviously so that came and went. But just shouting in a room again gave me that smell of blood I had been needing and I’m now going into practice rooms with people (or at least I was until all this shite! Cheers Covid!) soon to hopefully get something new to keep me going while PINTS is dormant.

J: Who is Charlie? Can you tell us more about your upbringing? Where you live? What is your earliest memory from childhood?
We all had at certain point weird posters on our wall, what was your weirdest one? Or that kind of shit you will feel embarrassed to put on wall now?

I was born and raised in Essex by two east Londoners. When my parents split up me, my mum and my brother stuck together and moved about a fair bit within the county. I now live in South London (much to the dismay of the cockneys in my family) with my partner and two cats. My earliest memory from childhood is probably my Nan buying me a comic book from a corner shop in Haggerston to read while she got her hair done at the hairdressers next door. The shop and the hairdressers are both sadly some swanky shit new build that no honest person could afford to live in. Hmmmm embarrassing shit on the wall. I had a shrine to Brody Dalle of The Distillers on my wall for years. Which I may or may not have scattered about the walls of the shop I work in now as it’s covered in pictures anyway haha. My station at work basically looks like my old bedroom. Old Nuts Magazines cut out, video games, punk rock flyers and tickets. The lot!

J: Do you remember the time when you discovered punk rock? Where was it? Whit who and what was your initial reaction?

C: Yes I remember it perfectly because I’m lame like that haha. So in my first house my folks would both sit down and we’d all watch this show they liked called I❤️ The 1970s. Each week would be a separate documentary on a year in that decade. The fashion, movies, culture etc. Well lo and behold it got 77 and obviously The Sex Pistols were being discussed. I remember turning to my dad and asking: who is that? My dad explained that these were teenagers, ugly warts an all and best of all. They were playing instruments they had no clue how to play. Johnny Rotten couldn’t sing. But they changed everything. They were like super villains in a comic book. Getting into trouble, swearing, getting banned from radio. Winding everyone up the wrong way and we’re getting famous for it. I blew my tiny 10 year old mind. My dad proceeded to show me Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols, The Clash London’s Calling and a few Sham 69 songs. Before that the only music I liked was a Johnny Cash song and some The Sweet songs my uncle played in his car. My Dad had this massive hardback book on the first wave movement and I went through that thing cover to cover. Looking at all the pictures of bands. Spiking my hair like Sid Vicious ripping up my shirts and all sorts.

J: Who`s idea it was to start a band? Were you the former singer for Pints? Did you know the lads before? Which one is in your opinion the nicest guy from the band and which one is the most grumpy? I have my own guess, but would like to hear yours – hey lads, its only a joke right?
We love you all of course.

C: The band started without me in it and was the brain child of them lot I’ll never be able to take credit for that. I was so surprised at how good they were funny as hell, genius lyrics to the point and summed our group of mates up exactly. I didn’t even know they liked that style of punk music but I think they didn’t think “let’s start a punk band” I think they just started a band that sounds like a night out with our lot. That’s still what I think PINTS sound like to be honest. We’ve all know each other since way back. Through pubs, party’s, siblings round our area. In Essex if you met a guy drinking tins in a car park, pub or field party who looked alternative, liked a beer and decent music you pretty much all ended up getting to know each other. You knew what team you were on. Nicest guy in the band? I don’t know we’re all fucking bastards I think haha. Nice boys don’t play Rock N Roll after all. I’d say the easiest person in the band to be around and out yourself in a relaxed mood would be Hogan to be honest. One of the wittiest, funniest cunts I’ve ever met and never seems to stress about the small thing. Grumpy? Dave without question haha and he knows it as well the guys a professional wind up. But he’s our grumpy wind up and hey if I had to be in a van with me or Worm I’d be a grumpy wind up an all.

J: When I saw you first time on stage with Pints I was shocked in a very positive way. London really needed fast punkish hardcore band with singer going ape on stage for every song. I hated the fucking drinks on my nice clean straight edge t-shirt, but I could live with that for the sake of good pictures. However what got me was when you reached your asthma inhaler and puffed to survive the gig. I was laughing mad and realised you dude going 100% out there risking your own life.

Have you ever come to a stage when you thought: “shit, this is the end”?

C: Ah mate I remember that show when we first met and once again, thank you being such a vocal supporter of what we do. It’s cool to know we have actually quite a few straight edge fans. My asthma never really used to cause me much jip. For fuck sake I smoked for fags like there was no tomorrow for 12 years. So when I started singing in the band I was in that mind set of go mad, pacing yourself is for pussies, give it your fucking all. Giving it the Barry without warming up though, without even attempting to stretch at least. Was fucking dumb and on more than one occasion I had to grab my asthma pump or have an attack. I was so convinced that warming up and pacing was compromising ability to put on a good show like it was more punk rock to not give a shit about that sort of thing. Which is of course stupid and now I limber up before we play and don’t need to get the old lung sucker out on stage anymore. We played a show in Portsmouth once where I could feel it kicking off and couldn’t find it. Luckily it was during a song I don’t sing on apart from backing and the last bit of the song so I kind of styled it out and calmed down.

J: Do you have any regrets in life? What is it…?

C: My education is something I always regretted. I fucked my education up the fucking wall as a teenager all for a bird, booze and good times. I was an angry little fucker who took no accountability for everything that sucked in my life and it’s the older me (and those around me) who had to literally pay for it by putting myself back through college to learn a thing or two out of my own pocket. 16 year old me and 27 year old me would have some interesting things to say to each other. But I think it speaks volumes that the only thing 16 year old me could say is that I’m a sellout for not having a Mohawk anymore and getting a job.

J: As we are all growing older, but more handsome of course, do you notice those changes in your life already? What is it and how you deal with them?

C: Well my hairline and wallet seem to be in a competition to see who can piss me off the most haha. Yeah the last two years of my life have seen radical changes in my life. I moved out of my family home. A county where I knew everyone and where everything was. Away from my childhood friends. People started getting married all that “real world” stuff you hear about. It’s mad but it was exciting I felt like I finally had something that was mine to show for years of working boring jobs and mundane routines. I put myself through college and now have a job that I love with every inch of my being and a flat I love in a part of the greatest city in the world with someone I love. Without all that with the band going on hiatus I would have lost the plot for sure. I feel like I know what Bruce was singing about when he said “ someday girl, I don’t know when. We’re going to get to that place where we really want to go and we’ll walk in the sun.” Corny I know but I like corny. I never dealt well with change as a kid. But I feel like now I have some grip on it and myself witch is powerful feeling.

J: What is your current view on local UKHC scene? What bands you love to watch? Venues you enjoy to crash, or are you getting very comfortable with your lady and sitting most of the time at home drinking lager?

C: Haha a little bit of both. I was at a ska gig at the New Cross Inn in December and a pal of mine asked (in a jokey way of course, no ones this much of a self entitled weirdo about music) “I never see you at shows much anymore do you just not care for it anymore.” Of course I care. My landlord however. Doesn’t. I have different responsibilities now. I take my work seriously and can’t do it well on a hangover and little sleep. When we do play shows I book the next day off to recover. It might not be cool or punk as fuck but it’s life and it’s what I got to do. When I was at shows all the time every week. I had no commitment or responsibilities passed, pay rent by working a shit job. Make sure I have beer and smoke money for going out or going to play shows with the band. Also for me at that time, there was a void in my life and punk and hardcore was the best friend to have in that time. It was that comfort. Now there’s some kids discovering UKHC AND Punk for the first time and they’ll need it. Let them have it, it’s the best thing in the world musically. Now I have prioritise bands and gigs I go to, I’d love to do them all but can’t. I know when I go to a show, my pals will be there and whether the line up is strong or not it’ll be a great night. But when I’m not, I’ll get drunk in front of the tv with my bird and watch Only Fools & Horses for the 5th millionth time. Bands I like currently, Do One, Jawless, Hi Vis, Stiff Meds are great but I’m yet to see them and Pizzatramp. The best venue in London will always be The Luna in Leytonstone. I love that place and all the people who run it. Others include, (I’m not so keen on the room itself, but fuck me!) The New Cross Inn is smashing it with all the good shows they put on. Powerhouse promoters in that gaff.

J: Are you excited about Brexit? haha.

C: Personally I’d rather stick a pencil in my eye. The worst insult is just how long and dragged out it’s been I’m so sick of being let down by the political climate in the UK. It’s like supporting a sports team. You root and cheer for them to do the right thing only to be let down every single fucking time. God knows where it’ll take us next.

J: If you have 3 wishes from the golden fish what would you wish for and why?

C: Ah mate I’m terrible with these it depends what day of the week you ask me.
I would have loved to smoke a cigarette with my Nan. We had the same taste in whiskey apparently. A conversation with her now would be amazing I’d love to know how a French immigrant brought here to escape the Nazis would have viewed the world today.
A support slot for PINTS to play with Rancid or be on there label Hellcat Records.
A version of Freddy Vs Jason where Kane Hodder played Jason Vorhees.

J: Are we going to see official release from Pints? 7″ at least? Don’t dare not to use some of my pics if you would. I would curse you to death bro.

foto amentma

C: It’s actually something I’ve been looking into while in isolation. We got asked loads while we were active and just could never be arsed to do it. Now I have all this time on my hands I may as well see what I can do. I’ve longed to see a PINTS record on the shelves of All Ages. Even if it was free I’d love to know that something me and mates have made is sitting in that shop waiting to disappoint someone looking for some smart music to listen to haha. I’d love to do a comp of everything on a record that would be great. We’ve always given our music away for free because we’d rather be heard than paid anyway. I’d live with that curse man. What’s any PINTS merchandise without a classic Roman picture on it anyway.

J: How is your brother Jack doing? You are probably the biggest fan of his band Giants who called it a day, bummers. Do you guys come together at any time and thinking getting new band together? Or its not such a good idea? How is your relationship over the time? Do you talk music, girls or world issues? Do you remember what was the last fight you had together if any, as you two always look so peaceful when around each other.

C: Jacks doing great married man and his own business and new music witch is always good to hear. Giants was my school on touring and being a band I will always love them boys and the music they made still plays regularly on my iPod. Loads of good memories drinking there riders and disappearing for a snout when ever it was load in or load out time. Obviously we see less of each other not living so close anymore but our family is huge and gatherings and parties are common place it’s in our families nature to be close and see each other when possible. Me and Jack have always had similar taste in things but also radically different. I think we’re night and day with our approach’s to those subjects (except world issues neither of us are Tories thank fuck) he’s probably more grounded and I’m definitely more impulsive. Our common denominator though is our love of Chas & Dave.

J: Louise from Ironed out has a question for you: What is the story behind shaving people`s heads onstage?

C: Haha, the story behind that was one part impulse, one part my desire to bring something else to a live show I don’t think happens anymore. One of the first things that drew me to punk rock was all the nonsense legends that you would hear about shows. “Did you hear they spit at people?” “Isn’t that the band that throw paint at people in the front row.” Stuff like that added to the mysticism and just bonkers nature of punk bands. It made it more than just a show when you went. It was an element of, what the fuck is going to happen next. It’s part of what made punk rock dangerous and memorable. One day we played a show and I had my clippers on me from work and I just thought fuck it why not? NO ONE is going to forget seeing some bastard shave some looneys head mid set before he throws him back into the pit. After that first time we had a few people come to me before playing and was like “I really want a Mohawk, will you do it for me on stage.” It was after that I stopped. Once it becomes predictable it’s time to move on.


J: I have asked some of your mates what they think about you.
Willy Who Cares: Weekend warrior postcard punk.

Jack Fox: If I had to describe him he’s got the voice of Phil Mitchell but he’s more like Ian Beale he’s a laugh like being in a band with him and being his mate is fun he’s like the one that gets shit done and the rest of us are fucking useless so we piss him off which is always fun he gets so angry it’s fucking jokes to watch.

J: What did you try to study at the art college?

C: At college I studied art because in school it was the only thing I ever felt I enjoyed and was any good at plus I loved how laid back it was in school it was fun, in college it became a chore and a load of failed art hippy types telling you what to do. I can not be bloody bothered for that noise.

J: What are your favourite comic books?

C: As far as comics go I’ve always been into the standard superhero stuff but always leaned towards DC over Marvel. DC are hard nuts who ain’t afraid to get gritty and dirty. Plus they have Batman and he’s a total fucking geezer. Now days I prefer more horror based comics like the old Tales From The Crypt stuff, Marvels old Dracula titles and the movie based stuff that Dark Horse Comics do like the Alien, Predator or BTVS comics for example.

J: This question is from older interview we did years ago so adding it only for the fun. He is barber at the present.
What is your job, out of curiosity? What do you hate about it? Is it the morning waking up, working for shitty money and not able to pay for whatever you want scenario?

C: I’m a bar man. Its not that I hate it as such. That’s a strong word to use I suppose. It can be quite anti social sometimes with late hours, and working on days like Christmas which I would much rather be with my family on are a total pain in my arse. I suppose it’s just not the thing I see myself doing forever, there for lack any real passion for it. It pays the bills. I suppose and that’s what’s important. My granddad always said “you would rather be on the bottom of a job you love than on top of a job you hate.” I guess at the moment I’m just in the middle of a job I’m not fussed about and that frustrates me.

J: Clever grand dad, that is so true.

This question is again one of the older ones asked in different interview with the fella. You are fronting punk hard core band PINTS and I must say since the day one I saw you play with Giants you blow me away (not the dirty sexual way haha)…you are guys already becoming London living legends…are PINTS your first band or did you play in any other band before? How did you guys get together and who is PINTS?

C: Thank you so much for your kind words dude, it really means a lot. Nah, Pints are the second band I’ve been in I used to play bass (awfully) in a Punk/ Rockabilly type band with some friends of mine. That band was such a laugh, but I think we all enjoyed drinking together more than playing haha, I love those guys though, they got me into playing live and I will always be grateful for that.

J: Lets see what others think of your band…Do you like PINTS?

Jack Fox: Yeah Pints are shit but in the best way possible I love being in Pints, getting turbo fucked with my mates and playing crap songs is always a laugh.

Willy Who Cares: Probably my second favourite current punk band (1st being Who cares? obviously.)

J: You forgot to tell me more about PINTS members, who are they? How other PINTS members earn their money?

C: Pints consist of myself, the big worm, Dave, Hogan and Ard. All hard working lads, with demanding jobs of varying caliber, working everywhere from pubs, offices to on site plumbing ect. Worms a chef so me and him would have the most unsociable hours starting early and working late nights. Also drinking is a full time job, great hours, shit pay.

J: What was the name of the previous band?

C: Prison Blues. We were basically a rubbish version of Lars Fredrisken And The Bastards haha. We would open with a really fast cover of In The Jailhouse Now and I would end every set by smacking my Bass into my head until it bled. My way of making up for being terrible at my instrument was basically just try to be as entertaining as possible. Although looking back I probably just looked ridiculous. No change there.

I joined PINTS the day after that show you saw us at. I was so stoked, I got a text from Ard our drummer and he said that Hogan would be up for doing co-vocals and guitar if I wanted to join and I jumped at the chance as I loved the band and they’re all good mates of mine. All I ever wanted to do since I first heard Never Mind the Bollocks Here is the Sex Pistols as kid was sing in a punk rock band.

J: As a band you are all into the beer, gambling and football and attracting all the street misfits and dirty punk rockers, is this the way you meant to be or
it just ended up that way?
How many more songs about drinking you think you can nail for PINTS?
I kind of had to ask from the straight edge point of view…

C: Music has to be honest, you sing about what moves you and motivates you, as a band all our common interests are getting drunk, spending our wages and going out.
It’s all we know so naturally, it’s what we sing about. We do have songs that are about other things but we are what we are. There is no gimmick to PINTS, we are what we are. We’re not nice clean cut lads who wear tote bags and pretend to have a fucking fosters once in a blue moon. We’re loud, ugly, nasty bastards and we’ll drink your beer and play one hell of a fucking show in the process even at our worst I still reckon we are one of the most entertaining bands and you will remember us either way. The way we are is just the way we are and if its attracted people of the same frame of mind, I think that is fucking brilliant. We will keep writing about drinking, smoking and gambling until we all eventually give into our livers, lungs and bank balances there is no two ways about it although we are not a one trick pony and we have started writing a new record and already it has more lyrical depth than that of your average Pints record. As for being Straight Edge, nothing wrong with that man some of my favourite bands are edge.

J: Such as? Little straight edge, “know your enemy” quiz…

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C: I don’t know if they are classed as edge bands but I know members of the bands are and they have songs that are about being edge: H2O, AFI, Anti Flag, and Minor Threat. There are probably tons more but I can not think off the top of my head. I don’t care if someone drinks or not. If someone’s a decent person it shouldn’t matter how they spend there free time.

J: Completely agree, there is so many dickheads all around it does not really matter what you listen to or what you do, just be nice to people…

C: Exactly man, no need to segregate each other over what we bloody eat, drink or smoke. Its your life if you’re happy and you ain’t pushing what you do on me then we have no problem. It’s just silly bollocks. If you want someone to hate find a nazi or a politician to do over.

J: Again older question from older interview. What do you think about current punk scene in London or Essex or generally in UK any bands to bring out of light for others to check?

C: I reckon Britain’s punk rock scene is ready for another explosion of mainstream success! So many great bands pouring out at the moment so it’s going to be hard to ignore sooner or later. The bands that I keep coming back to are: Bloody Knees, Creeper, World Weary, Waco, Grove Street Families, Who Cares? Black Shapes, Janowski, Idle Hands, The EHC bands are all fucking ace as well. Recently discovered a band called Buckets of Courage at the last Rucktion night at the 12 Bar who were fucking blinding!

J: Yeah, Buckets of Courage was pretty awesome, I loved them too, good old school punk riffs with loads of sing along catchy tunes. Very unusual for folks from Rucktion records who are more into the tough guy beat down hardcore bands and releases, but honestly very refreshing to see.

C: Yeah man, they were totally different to what I expected. But that does just go to show that you should check every band out at a show because you never know what gems are hidden in a line up.

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J: What is punk rock for you?

C: What ever I say here, someone somewhere will disagree with me, it’s a touchy subject as it means so much to so many people. To me I always think about a Bruce Springsteen lyric “we learned more from a 3 minute record than we ever learned in school.”
Listening to punk music was an escape for me. It’s a learning curve, at school I always felt like an outsider and punk rock was my escape.
Lesson in Politics? Clash Record. Parents Breaking up? Black Flag. Girl you like dumps you? Alkaline Trio and I’m pretty sure there is a Rancid song for every moment of your life. Punk rock, without sounding lame is my world (I can actually feel my mates taking the piss out of me saying that haha). It is the best music in the whole world and without it I would probably be a sad lonely hermit with his virginity very much still in tact.

J: How do you remember your childhood?

C: My childhood was okay, when you’re growing up I think everyone goes through the same amount of angst and worry thinking that you have tough, but all in all I can’t really complain. You’re not going to get anywhere blaming the world for the things that can’t be changed. May as well chin and power through. I’m still alive I’ve got my mates and my family. As far as first memory? Probably playing Super Nintendo with Jack or something like that. Not much has changed there. Me and Jack got on as kids but not as teenagers we were very different people but nowadays we get along just fine. He’s my best mate. Even if he can be a dick’ed.

J: Your brother Jack is playing guitar in hard core band Giants. Had Jack any influence on you to play and start your own band?

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C: My brother is one of my biggest heroes. I love him to pieces and yes he was a very big part of me getting into playing music. I remember the first time I saw him play. It was at the Walthamstow Standard (RIP) and I was blown away. My brother was up on stage absolutely slaying it and I just remembering being so proud and just in awe that my brother could write music and play it. It brought to mind the old punk rock saying “if they can do it anyone can.” My brother is always on hand with advice on booking shows and stuff that I could not do by myself. He is a machine when it comes to the side of music that isn’t just playing and writing. He also is always on hand to tell me when I’m being a dickhead and I need that sometimes.

J: What was the last occasion Jack had to put you on hold? Do you remember? Were you too drunk to remember?

C: Nah can’t say I do remember. I can tell you though. Yes I was probably shithoused and yes he was probably right to do so haha.

J: I asked your friends: “When is Charlie drunk what is the most annoying thing he does and the most embarrassing thing you saw him to do?”

Jack Fox: When Charlie’s pissed he has this thing with like knocking himself out cold like we’d be round a friend’s house he just like walked in ran into the wall and spend most of the night out cold.

Willy Who Cares: his tiny shorts are the fucking worst. And his wastage of beer while onstage.

J: The up coming zine issue is about people who are working within social work jobs or charities, helping other people whenever it is in public or private sector. What about you? Have you ever considered working within the social work field?

C: Charity work is something I’d love to be more involved with which is where Step Ahead promotions comes into play. If you can take a job /skill/ hobby that you enjoy doing and use it to benefit the world you live in that is great. I’ve also recently started researching into how to start a workers union. People who work together should help each other out and I’d love to get more involved with that. My family is very working class orientated. My granddad owned his own business, my uncle has had every job under the sun and my mother is the hardest working person I have ever met. It was instilled in me and brother from a very young age that not working is not an option. I’ve been unemployed for long periods of time and its fucking soul destroying.

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I once heard a very wise man say:” to not work is you choosing to not make any impact in the world you live in.” I agree with that whole heartedly. No one likes paying tax, getting up early or dealing with a boss who’s a right cunt. But at the same time, you need to stand up and be accounted for, you need to do what you do with pride and better than anyone else. You owe it to your self to change things in your life and make yourself count. Sitting at home complaining about the government on facebook while smoking too much pot just sounds like a fucking hippy bollocks way to live. You want to change the world. Get out and do something about it.

J: You, Jack and Pete from Giants put together punk rock collective focusing on benefit gigs to raise money for homeless young people, how did you get involved with this and what inspired you to move this way?
Not many punks those days are into charity work. The generation seems to be more interesting about guarantees, getting good gigs with good famous bands, getting paid and fuck as many young chicks as possible…where are you standing in this? And tell me more about the Step Ahead promotion.

C: I’ve been putting on shows by myself for a good couple of years now. I love doing it but it isn’t without its flaws. It is a fucking stressful job promoting Punk shows. Trying to organise the genre of music that is famous for being unorganised is a tough gig and my passion and momentum was wearing low and I was considering packing it in altogether. One night I was sitting down watching a documentary on the Washington Hardcore Punk scene. There was a bit on Discord Records and Minor Threat and the shows they used to put on. How they would put on shows for a reason that while benefited the bands and the punk scene would also raise awareness for things happening within their city. It was so inspirational to me. I sat there thinking about what I was doing and how I could be doing the same thing, instead of just putting on a show I could be doing something I’m good at and enjoy and it can benefit other people! But I wouldn’t do it alone. I spoke to my brother and he was all up for getting involved, he is a lot better with the social media side of things and talking to bands as he’s been in the circuit for a hell of a lot longer than myself. Pete had been an integral part of my shows in prior years and I just couldn’t imagine doing it without him and so Step Ahead was born.

What we want from Step Ahead is just to get young people who are into the punk and hardcore scenes thinking about the world they live in. The positive effects we can have on our home and get people thinking for themselves. It’s not just seeing a show and going home. It’s seeing a show and knowing that just by being there bands and fans alike you’re making a difference to someone less fortunate than yourself. The first Step Ahead show we raised enough money to put a young person in a home for 2 whole years as well as supply home kits to get people settled in and on there feet.

As far as bands getting guarantees go, being in a band and promoting shows I see both sides of it. Whenever Pints are lucky enough to get paid we are ridiculously over whelmed as to us Pints is just us getting drunk and making noise for 20 minutes. We don’t usually ask for money when we get booked unless it is quite a journey away. Even then I will just ask for a couple of quid to cover train or coach fares. We got food cooked for us once THAT was awesome. I think the day I ask for anything like 100 quid or something for us is the day when I change my name to Axel Rose.

foto amentma

I just enjoy playing. Yeah sure, if it is with a big band that would be a total trip but it’s not mandatory. Personally I find the most fun gigs are the shows we play with our mates or for our mates. As far as fucking young chicks? That’s not my thing. For one if you tell a bird that you’re a 20 something year old in a band. Not that cool haha. I have a girlfriend anyway and to be completely honest she is the only person I get nervous about seeing me play live. Besides we aren’t the most handsome bunch so I doubt we’d ever have that kind of thing happen to us anyway. Come to think about it I don’t tend to see a lot of girls at our shows anyway which a shame is. Lot of shirtless dudes though….

J: What about dream job? What would you like to do in life? Are you that kind of person who has to have meaningful job to be happy or you just take anything to get the bucks for another pints?

C: As far as dream jobs go, I would love to do something creative. I spend a lot of my time writing so I would love to do something with that. Sadly I suck at actually writing and require a lot of help with it. If that fails I’d love to run my own venue. In the mean time as long as I can pay rent, help out my mum, add to my Comic book collection and see my friends I’m quite content. For the moment anyway.

J: You and your mates actually splash loads of beer on your half naked bodies during your set, it is not very economical haha in current financial crisis society haha.

Going back to your grand dad, I noticed that somebody from your family members died in the WWII fighting Nazis.
How do you feel or what do you feel when seeing far right parties rising across UK, young kids being bloody racists or work shipping Hitler. How does it make you feel coming across people like this?

Charlie, Pete and Jack foto amentma

C: A lot of my family served in WW2 on both my mum and my dad’s side. My dad recently started a project to preserve a Ww2memorial plaque that was damaged during reconstruction on the building it was on (the hindle house war memorial project check it out on Facebook) and I learned a lot of things about my family which really made me proud. Especially considering that many of them fought and died at a younger age than I am now. If there was ever an inspiration to make something of myself that was it. So yeah to see young kids show blatant disregard to the heritage of people like my great granddads and uncles by walking around supporting mindless morons like Britains First and parties like Ukip or the NF it brings my piss to a boil. We live in a world that feeds the wrong information at you all the time. We live in a world we seem to have no effect on. That scares a lot of people and those people will be quick to latch onto what ever or who ever offers the quickest solution and the most recognisable scapegoat without any real research into what they’re signing on for. Right wing party’s are dangerous. They are too easily accessible to the common man and spread like a disease and must be stopped but I don’t believe violence solves anything. The way to stop parties like this is by getting smart. Do your research, look into the beautiful heritage of our country, learn whose playing you and get to know your enemy. Don’t get violent and sink to there level. Get smart. As Tim Armstrong once said: “he’s a different colour but we’re the same kid. I’ll treat him like my brother, he’ll treat me like his.” There is no need to hate the foreign family down the street. Feel proud that you live in a country beautiful enough that people want to leave there’s to come here. As far as outright Hitler worshipping morons go. The sooner they’re locked up and isolated the better.

J: Do you vote? What do you think about the parties in UK? Who would you vote if you would go?

C: I do vote, I don’t judge people who don’t. The choices ain’t really all that amazing so it’s easy for people to feel alienated and put off by voting. I would rather keep who I vote for to myself if that’s okay. The only real reason I vote is for the local elections. There are a lot of good people trying to make Essex (the county I live in) a better place. A lot of smart and good natured people who I believe would make a real difference. Unfortunately it’s a scary reality the right wing party’s get too close for comfort in our county.

J: How do you view immigrants in UK? Is anybody from your family coming from other part of the world or is your family true British?
Did you feel any pressure while you were unemployed that immigrants are stealing your job and you could not get anything at all?

C: We’re all alive at the same time, everyone’s just trying to find there place in the world and get by, immigration has been happening for century’s and will continue for centuries to come. You look up anyone’s family tree and sooner rather than later you will see someone moved from point A to point B, or marry this person from that country. My grandmother on my mums side was French. My granddad brought her over here to live in Hackney after WW2 and they got married. I love that. It’s a whole culture and history that I never grow tired of hearing about. To blame immigrants for your problems is just a really lazy and stupid thing to do. Oh immigrants stole my job. I suppose they gave you the flu as well then? Or they caused the central line to be delayed. There are many factors to why unemployment is ripe in the world. If people spent as much energy complaining about it as they did looking for a job they would probably find one. Don’t get me wrong it’s fucking hard to find a job and as I’ve already said I know first hand how un motivating it can be, but only you can make a change on your own life.

Slovenska verzia staršieho rozhovoru s Charliem.

Seriózne, PINTS sú to najlepšie a najživšie čo momentálna UK scéna ponúka. Títo chalani sú zábavní a dokážu to rozbaliť naplno. Ich sety sú plne zábavy, vtipu a rýchleho punk rocku s chytlavými textami o pive, pití, pive, pití, hazardu, fajčení, pive a živote. Okrem toho pri tom teču litr piva, spevák má astmatický záchvat a chalani padaju ako kúželky, ale set Vás dostane…

Kto je Charlie Longman? Povedz nám niečo z tvojho života? Odkiaľ si? Čo robíš? Čo si študoval? Koľko máš rokov a hocičo, čo by si chcel zdielať s ostatnými…daj nám trošku informácii kto je Charlie…

Mám 22 rokov, mám astmu, obývajuci Essex areu, fajčím jednu od druhej, priveľa pijem, počúvajuc punk rock, milujem komiksy, horrori, neúspešný študent umenia, ktorý ma prácu, ktorú nenávidí, ale za to má skvelý okruh kámošov, ktorých milujem. Som obyčajný Jožko z hornej – dolnej.

Otázka pre tvojich kámošov. Ak by ste mali opísať Charlieho ako by ste ho opísali?

Willy Who Cares – spevák Who Cares – Pohladnicový víkendový punkrock bojovník.
Jack Fox – Pints basák – keby som ho mal opísať, povedal by som, že ma hlas ako Phil Mitchell, ale sám je viac ako Ian Beale. Je zábavný a je super ho mať v kapele, lebo on je ten čo vždy všetko urobí a mi ostatní sme aj tak úplne nešikovní, tak ho vždy len provokujeme a naťahujeme. Najviac máme radi, keď ho vytočíme a ujebávame sa na ňom ako sa zlostí.

Čo si študoval na tej umeleckej škole?

Študoval som umenie, pretože to bolo to jediné čo ma na základke zaújmalo a bol som aspoň trošku dobrý. Tiež, že tieto umelecké školy sú väčšinou veľmi v pohode a samí relax, ale na umeleckej to bol samí hippy kokot čo nedokončil nič v živote, ktorý sa ti jebal do všetkého. Nemalo to pre mňa žiaden význam.

Ktoré sú Tvoje oblúbené komixi teda?

Čo sa týka komixov som fanda klasických super hrdinov, ale vždy viac na strane DC komixov ako Marvel príbehov. DC komixi sú viac pre mňa šialené, s hrdinami, ktorí sa neboja zašpiniť si ruky. A DC majú Batmana a to je úplný týpek. Momentálne preferujem horrorové komixy ako The old Tales from the Crypt, marvelovského starého Drakulu, alebo veci od Dark Horse Comics čo robia Alien, Predator alebo BTVS komixy.

Napíš niečo o tvojej práci. Čo robíš teda? Čo nenávidiš na svojej práci? Je to to ranné vstávanie, pracovať za málo peňzí, dlhé hodiny, nebyť schopný zaplatiť všetky účty? Či nemôcť si kúpiť, čo by si chcel?

Som barman. Nie, že by som túto prácu úplne nenávidel, bolo by to príliš tvrdé povedať. Práca niekedy prináša obete v podobe žiadneho spoločenského života. Dlhé šichty, pracovať cez vianoce, ktoré by som radšej strávil so svojou blízkou rodinou. Určite to nie je práca, ktorú by som chcel vykonávať celý život ako povolanie. Nemám pre barmanstvo jednoducho vášeň, ale plati mi to účty a to je dôležité. Dedko mi vždy hovoril „je lepšie byť na dne práce, ktorú miluješ ako na vrchole práce, ktorú nenávidiš“. Momentálne som v strede práce na ktorej mi veľmi nezáleží a to ma vie pekne frustrovať niekedy.

Múdry dedko, má pravdu.

Si spevák londýnskej kapely PINTS a musím povedať, od Vášho prvého koncertu s Giants, čo bol aj tvoj prvý koncert s nimi, ma úplne odjebal – nie sexuálne samozrejme haha. Myslím si, že z koncertu na koncert sa stávate populárnejšími, až legendami. Sú PINTS tvojou prvou kapelou? Hral si pred nimi s niekym iným? Ako ste sa dali dokopy? Kto sú PINTS?

Vďaka za milé slová, veľmi veľa to pre mňa znamená. Pints sú moja druhá kapela, hral som na basu v hroznej punk-rockabilly kapele. Tá kapela bol joke, ale vždy sme viac pili ako hrali, mám rád tých chalanov dodnes, boli to oni čo ma zasvetili do koncertov a navždy im za to budem vďačný.

Ako sa volala tvoja prvá kapela? A ako si sa dostal do PINTS?

Prison Blues. Bola to horšia verzia Lars Fredrisken and The Bastards haha. Otvárali sme koncerty s rýchlejšou verziou In the Jailhouse Now a celý set som vždy ukončieval tým, že som si vždy nejako roztrepal hlavu do krvy svojou basou. Tým som chcel vynahradiť moju hroznú hru na basu a nejako to uhrať na divákov aspoň zábavou. Keď sa na to spätne pozriem, muselo to byť dosť trápne. Nič sa nezmenilo.

Pamätám si Ťa ako si na svojom prvom koncerte po prvej či druhej pesničke začal vyťahovať fúkač na astmu s výrazom, že ideš umrieť. Som sa bál, že v miestnosti, kde boli samí mladí som jediný čo vie asi dávať prvú pomoc a budem Ťa musieť kriesiť. K tomu si bol od hlavy po päty už celý obliaty pivom. Hrozný pocit.

Ako kapela, PINTS sú o pive, hazarde a futbale, začínate mať veľa následovatelov s pofidérnymi výrazmi tváre, špinavých punk rockerov…je toto čo ste chceli? Koľko pesničiek o pive ste schopní ešte napísať?
Musím si rýpnuť ako straight edge blbeček…

Hudba musí byť úprimná, spievaš o tom čo ťa motivuje a posúva vpred. Celá kapela má rada sa opíjať, minúť celú výplatu na hazard a chodiť von na záťahy. Je to to čo z nás ide prirodzene tako tom spievame. Máme aj zopár pesničiek o iných veciach, ale toto sme my. Nehráme sa na nič, sme to čo sme – PINTS. Nie sme pekne oblečení, ostrihaní a nenosíme tote taštičky a raz za čas si dáme Foster pivko. Sme hluční, škaredí a hnusní bastardi, vypijeme tvoje pivo a odohráme pekelnú šou aj keď budeme ledva stáť na nohách, sme zábavní a určite to bude jeden z tých koncertov, že budeš čučať a určite si náš set zapamätáš. Jednoducho si nás ľudia oblúbili a priťahujeme našu krvnú skupinu čo je kurva super. Určite budeme písať o tom čo máme radi, chlastačky, fajčení, hazarde až pokiaľ naše pečene a pľuca vzdaju tento boj, jednoducho druhá cesta nevedie nikam. Nie sme žiadne ružové poníky, píšeme druhý album na ktorom, ale budú aj hlbšie témy.
Čo sa týka Straight edge, nič proti nemu, mám aj edge oblúbené kapely.

A čo si druhý myslia o PINTS?

Sophie Bolton: Hudobne? Nie nepáčia sa mi, ale sú veľmi zábavní.
Jack Fox: Áno, PINTS stoja za hovno, ale v dobrom zmysle slova, milujem našu kapelu a chalanov, sundať sa so svojimi super kamošmi a všetko úplne dojebať, hrať kokotské songy je vždy kopec srandy.
Willy Who Cares: Pre mňa druhá najlepšia punková kapela v UK, prvá je moja samozrejme Who cares?

Tak len tak pre zábavu, malý test, ktoré?

Tak neviem či sú to čisto edge kapely, ale maju aspoň edge člena, H2O, AFI, Anti Flag, či Minor Threat. Je ich oveľa viac, ale teraz si na žiadne iné nespomeniem. Osobne mi to je jedno či niekto pije, alebo nie. Ak je niekto normálny, tak je to úplne jedno ako trávy svoj voľný čas.

Úplne súhlasím, aj tak po svete pobehuje toľko kokotov, že to naozaj nezáleži čo si, alebo čo počúvaš, len byť normálny k druhým…

Presne človeče, žiaden dôvod sa separovať jeden od druhého na základe čo pijeme či jeme či fajčíme. Je to tvoj život, ak si šťastný a nehrotíš to na druhých či mňa osobne, potom nemáme žiaden problém. Ak chceš niekoho nenávidieť tak si nájdi nejakého nacistu, alebo politika a smelo do toho.

Zabudol si mi povedať o členoch PINTS, kto ďalší tvorí kapelu? Ako si pintási zarábaju na živobytie?

Pintási sú ja, veľký Worm, Dave, Hogan a Ard. Všetci sú tvrdo makajúci típci, s náročnou prácou rôzneho kalibru. Od práci v krčme, kancelárie až po inštalatéra. Worm je kuchár, my dvaja máme najmenej voľného času, začíname skoro ráno a končíme neskoro večer. Taktiež chlastanie je práca na plný úväzok, dobré hodiny ale ide do peňazí.

Čo si myslíš o dnešnej UK punk scéne? Londýn či Essex, alebo všeobecne UK, pretlač nejaké kapely na svetlo sveta pre decká v Európe?

Dnešná scéna v UK je pripravená na ďalšiu UK svetovú explóziu. Je tu veľa kapiel čo sa môžu presadiť aj v mainstreame. Je ich veľa čo stoja za povšimnutie. Kapely, ktoré sa mne osone páčia a ku ktorým sa vraciam sú: Bloody Knees, Creeper, World Weary, Waco, Grove Street Families, Who cares?, Black Shapes, Janowki, Idle hands, The EHC band sú jedna radosť. Takisto kapela od Rucktion rodiny Buckets of Courage to drtia nádherne.

Bucket of Courage boli v 12 Bare masaker. Zamiloval som si ich tiež, starý, dobrý londýnsky punk rock, veľa zborových spevov a melodických gitár. Nezvyčajné pre Rucktion records čo má väčšinou beat down, metalovejšie kapely na zozname.

Presne, boli úplne iný od všetkých. To sa mi na tom celé páči, že keď ideš na koncert tak si pozrieš všetky kapely, lebo nikdy nevieš kto ťa prekvapí.

Čím je pre teba punk rock?

Hocičo tu napíšem, niekto iný bude nesúhlasiť, je to mútna voda, pretože pre každého je to niečo iné. Vždy si spomeniem na text Bruce Springsteena „We learned more from a 3 minute record than we ever learned in school.“
V preklade: Viac sme sa naučili z troj minútovéj pesničky ako za celý čas v škole“.
Počúvať punk rock bolo pre mňa únik. Uči ma v živote, v škole som sa vždy cítil ako drbko, outsider a punk rock bol môj únik.
Lekcia politiky? Clash albumy. Rodičia a rozchody? Black flag. Baba čo Ťa nechala? Alkaline Trio a je mi úplne jasné, že Rancid maju pesničku na každú príležitosť v živote. Punk rock, bez toho, aby som znel trápne, je pre mňa život – v živote si aj moji kamoši často na toto téma často uťahuje. Je to najlepšia muzika na svete a bez nej by som bol asi smutný brouk čo si uchováva stále svoje panenstvo.

Ako si pamätáš na svoje detstvo? Aké su tvoje prvé spomienky naň? Bil si sa s Jackom často?

Detstvo bolo ok, keď vyrastáš tak každí jeden z nás si prejde štádiom, kedy si hrozne nasraný, obávaš sa rôznych vecí, pričom si myslíš, že si silný, ale naozaj si nemám na čo sťažovať. To, že sa budeš neustále sťažovať ťa nikam neposunie, špeciálne na veci, čo sa nedaju zmeniť. Som stále nažive, mám svoju rodinu a kamošov.
Prvé zážitky? Asi hranie sa na Nintende s Jackom, veľa sa nezmenilo. Ako decká sme spolu vychádzali dobre, ako teenageri už horšie, keďže sme boli obaja rozdielni, ale teraz sme fajn. Je to môj dobrý kamoš, aj keď niekedy vie byť strašný čurák.

Jack hrá na gitaru v kapele Giants. Mal Jack vplyv na teba čo sa týka kapely či hrania?

Jack je jeden z mojich hrdinov. Milujem ho do špitku kosti a áno bol pre mňa veľkým vzorom. Vďaka nemu som sa dostal do tejto scény. Pamätám si, keď som ho videl prvýkrát hrať. Bolo to vo Walthamstow Standard klube, dnes už RIP a úplne ma to dostalo. Brácho to na pódiu úplne zaklincoval. Pamätám si, že som bol hrozne hrdý na neho. Závidel som mu, že dokáže písať vlastné pesničky a ešte ich aj zahrať. Napadá mi ďalšia hláška: „If they can do it anyone can.“
Preklad: „Ak to dokážu oni, dokážem to aj ja“
Bráško mi vždy pomôže bookovať koncerty a veci, ktorým ja moc nerozumiem. On je ako mašina čo sa týka hudby, nie je to len písanie a hranie, robí aj zvukára v jednom londýnskom štúdiu. Takisto mi vždy pripomenie, keď sa správam ako kokot, to potrebujem niekedy schladiť.

Kedy to bolo naposledy čo ťa Jack musel uzemniť?

Nie, nespomínam si. Určite som bol zlý a brácho mal právo ma uzemniť haha.

Ok, nedalo sa mi neopýtať tvojich kamošov čo si myslia o Charliem, keď je opitý a nedá sa s ním baviť. Čo bol Váš najviac zahambujuci zážitok s nim?

Jack Fox: Keď je na sračky má zvyk do niečo vždy naraziť a odpáliť sa. Keď sme väčšinou vonku má tendenciu ísť ku kamošom a nejakým blbým spôsobom vždy naraziť do steny a úplne sa rozbiť a zobudiť sa ráno v chlade.

Willy Who cares: Bože, jeho hrozné ultra krátke šortky a jeho nekresťanské rozlievanie piva počas koncertu.

Nové číslo je venované ľuďom, ktorí pracujú v socialnej sfére, alebo sú činný v charitativných organizáciach, pomáhaju druhým ľuďom či v súkromnom, alebo štátnom sektore. Ako je to s tebou? Rozmýšlal si niekedy nad prácou tohto smeru?

Charitatívna pomoc je niečo, nad čím určite rozmýšlam, je to niečo s čím Step Ahead promotion už nejaký čas pracuje. Pokiaľ svoje schopnosti a vedomosti venuješ veciam, ktoré dokážu zmeniť život človeku či pomôcť je to super. V poslednej dobe sa zaujmam o tom ako sa daju založiť odbori pre pracujúcich, pomôcť ľuďom sa organizovať, pomáhať si a spolu pracovať na spoločnom ciely. Moja rodina je silno working class. Dedko mal vlastný podnik, strýko robil všetky práce aké sa len dali a moja mama je tá najťachšie pracujuca žena pod slnkom. Už od malička sme boli s bratom vedení k tomu, že nepracovať, nie je možnosť ako žiť. Vždy sme sa snažili robiť a keď sme nerobili, boli to časy, ktoré nám ničili sebavedomie.

„To not work is you choosing to not make any impact in the world you live in“
Preklad: Nepracovať je voľba nemať žiaden vplyv na svet v ktorom žijes“

Verím tomuto výroku celým srdcom. Nikto nemá rád platiť dane, vstávať skoro ráno či jebať sa s vedúcim, ktorý je úplny blbec. Na druhej strane, je treba sa postaviť a spraviť ten život takým aby mal význam. Musím robiť čo robím s hrdosťou a najlepšie ako viem. Je to pre teba a tvoj život. Sedieť doma a sťažovať sa na vládu na facebooku kým fajčíš nejaký shit je strata času. Chceš zmeniť svet? Vstaň a sprav s tým niečo.

Ty, Jack a Pete z Giants robíte punk rock akcie ako benefity pre bezdomovcov. Presnejšie mladých ľudí bez domova. Ako si k tomuto prišiel? Koho to bol nápad? Nie veľa punkáčov dneska robí charitatívne akcie, At risk to robí a niektoré anarcho spolky, ale nie je to bežná vec. Generácia je skôr o garanciach, hrať so známimi kapelami, dostať za to peniaze … kde vy ako kapela ste na tomto poly? A povedz viac o Step Ahead kolektíve…

Už nejaký ten rok organizujem punkové akcie. Milujem to, ale chýbalo mi v tom niečo viac. Je to docela stresujúce robiť punkové akcie. Snažiť sa organizovať niečo čo vo svojej podstate je dosť neorganizované je prdel ale za to vášeň. Istý čas mi to už nešlo a premýšlal o možnostiach to celé nejako skombinovať.

Jeden pekný večer som sedel doma a pozeral dokument o DC scéne, bola tam časť o Discord records a Minor Threat a koncertoch, ktoré oni organizovali. Organizovali koncerty za určitým úmyslom nie len aby kapelu ukázali, ale hlavne aby to malo zmysel a predstavili širšiemu publiku humanitárne organizácie a povedali im čo sa v ich meste vôbec deje. Bola to veľká inšpirácia. Sedel som doma a premýšlal o tom čo robím a ako to robím a ako to môžem celé zmeniť. Rozhodol som sa robiť veci podobne a hlavne robiť koncerty, ktoré majú zmysel a pomôžu iným. Nemohol som to ale robiť sám. Rozprával som sa o tom s mojim braškom, tomu sa to páčilo a išiel do toho s nami. On je dobrý s médiami, zháňanim kapiel, keďže ma viac známosti ako ja, Pete mi už pomáhal s koncertami predtým a hrá tiež na basu v Giants. Step ahead bolo zrodené.

Chceme Step Ahead ukázať ľuďom v punkovej scéne, aby premýšlali o svete v ktorom žiju. O pozitívnych dopadoch našich krokov v živote. Nie je to len o tom, aby prišli kuknúť kapelu a zabaviť sa a ísť domov. Dať im možnosť vedieť, že čím viac budu podporovať takého akcie, tým viac môžu pomôcť iným ľuďom v núdzi.
Prvý koncert Step Ahead sme vyzbierali dostatok peňazí, aby sme mohli ubytovať jedného mladého človeka na 2 roky v ubytovni ako aj poskytnuť domáce náradie a možnosť postaviť sa na vlastné nohy.

Pokiaľ ide o zábezpeky, kapely a promóterov pozerám sa na to z dvoch strán. Kedykoľvek PINTS majú možnosť niečo zobrať za hranie, sme hrozne šťastní. Za peniaze sa aj tak napijeme a že nám niekto zaplatí za 20 minútový set je skvelé. Aj tak hráme s kamošmi pre kamošov.
Zvyčajne si ani nepýtame peniaze za hranie, jedine ak nás pozvú niekam ďaleko. To si vypýtame na vlak či autobus. Raz nám dokonca navarili aj jedlo a to bolo super. Ak raz zoberem za gig sto libier či nejak tak si zmenim meno na Axel Rose.
Mňa baví hrať. Ak by sme hrali s veľkými kapelami bol by to aký trip haha, ale nie je to niečo čo by sme vyhladávali. Najlepšie koncerty sú aj tak tie s našimi spriaznenými kapelami a kamošmi pre kamošov. Čo sa týka mladého meska, nie je to nič pre mňa. Už to nie je cool naháňať baby na to, že máš dvadsať – niečo a že hráš v kapele. Mám holku a pravdu povediac ona je jediná ktorá ma robí nervóznym keď hráme. Okrem iného nie sme zrovna fešáci a na nás sa ženy nehrnú. Keď nad tým rozmýšlam, na našich koncertoch nevidím veľa báb tak či tak, to je docela škoda. Za to veľa pupkatých tiel bez tričiek obimajucich sa a oblievajucich sa pivom…to áno.

Aká by bola tvoja vysnívaná práca? Čo by sa ti páčilo robiť?

Niečo kreatívne. Veľa svojho času trávim písanim a je to niečo čomu by som chcel venovať čas. Žiaľ ako iné veci aj v tomto som docela na piču a potrebujem pomoc. Ak mi to nevyjde tak by som chcel mať vlastný klub. Zatiaľ pokiaľ sa dá tak chcem mať prácu, ktorá mi zaplatí nájom, pomôcť mojej mame, kúpiť si nejaký ten komix a vidieť svojich kamošov.
Inak s tým pivom by ste to mali obmedziť na koncertoch, to musí ísť do peňazí.

Späť k tvojmu dedkovy a rodine, všimol som si na tvojom statuse, že členovia Vašej rodiny padli počas II. Svetovej vojny v boji proti fašistom.
Aké pocity v tebe vyvoláva stav dnešnej politickej scény, kedy veľa ľudí sa priklána k pravicovým extrémistom. Čo prežívaš, keď vidíš náckov v tvojom okolí?

Veľa členov našej rodiny slúžilo v II. Svetovej vojne na oboch stranách rodiny. Môj otec začal projekt na uchovanie pamiatky padlých vo vojne WW2, je to plaketa, ktorú zničili pri rekonštrukcii jedného domu, počas tohto procesu som sa veľa dozvedel z histórie našej rodiny, na ktoré som patrične hrdý.

Hlavne ak viem, že veľa z nich aj padlo v tejto vojne mladších ako som ja sám teraz. Samozrejme, že mi vrie krv v žilách, keď vidím mladých ľudí či blbečkov čo podporujú strany ako BNP, Britain First, UKIP či NF. Tento svet nás kŕmi sračkovými informáciami každú chvílu. Akoby sme nemali žiadnu možnosť na zmenu. Takýto ľudia potom v zúfalstve sa pridávaju k stranám a skupinám s rýchlimi riešeniami, bez toho aby sa pozreli na dopad v dlhodobejšej rovine či racionálneho pohladu. Pravicové strany sú nebezpečné. Je ich veľa a veľmi jednoduché sa k nim dostať a šíria sa ako choroba. Musia byť zastavené, ale myslím si, že násilie niečo vyrieši. Musíme byť rozumný, prešťať ich rozumom, hľadaným odpovedí, pozrieť sa na históriu našej zeme a jej diverzitu. Naučiť sa rozlišovať kto sa s Vami len hrá a zneužíva. Poznaj svojho oponenta. Nebyť násilný a stiahnuť sa na ich úroveň. Treba byť prefíkanejší ako oni. Tim Armstrong povedal: „Má odlišnú farbu pokožky, ale sme tie isté decká, budem sa o neho starať ako o brata a on sa postará o mňa.“
Nie je dôvod nenávidieť cudzincov čo žiju na tej istej ulici ako ty. Mali by sme sa cítiť hrdý na to, že žijeme v takejto krásnej krajine, kde ľudia chcu prísť z kútov sveta aby tu žili. Pokiaľ sú tu nejaký Hitler uznávači, mali by byť zatvorení a izolovaní od spoločnosti, sú nebezpeční.

Volíš? Čo si myslíš o politických stranách v UK? Koho by si volil?

Volím. Nesúdim ľudí čo nevolia. Nie je si z čoho vyberať veľmi a toto podľa mňa dosť ľudí odradí od volenia. Koho som volil si nechám pre seba. Volil som v lokálnych voľbách, je tu dosť veľa dobrých politikov čo chcú zmenu v Essex-e. Múdri a rozhladení ľudia, ktorým verím, že by mohli niečo zmeniť. Žiaľ veľa pravicových strán je dosť silných momentáln aj v Británii.

Ako sa pozeráš na emigráciu v UK? Pochádza niekto z Vašej rodiny z iného kúta sveta? Keď si bol nezamestnaný, pociťoval si, že by ti emigranti kradli prácu?

Žijeme v jeden čas na jednom mieste, každí si snaží nájsť svoje miesto na život. Emigrácia nie je nová vec, deje sa už stáročia a bude pokračovať ďalej. Keď sa pozrieš na rodokmeň každej rodiny, skôr či neskôr zistíš, že vždy sa niekto presunul z miesta A na miesto B, či zobral si niekoho z inej krajiny. Moja babka zo strany maminy bola Francúzka, dedko si ju priniesol do Hackney po Druhej Svetovej vojne. Milujem ten príbeh.
História a kultúra oboch strán sú veci čo ma vždy fascinovali. Hádzať svoje problémi na emigrantov je veľmi hlúpe a lenivé. Ooooo emigranti mi zobrali prácu. Asi sú príčinou aj toho, že ten dotyčný dostal chrípku či čo?
Možno emigranti spôsobili, že Central line metro nefunguje? Je to súhra viacerých faktorov prečo nezamestnanosť stúpa a nie je to len záležitosť UK, ale celosvetová. Ak by venovali čas hľadaným práce ako nenávisťou tak by tu prácu určite rýchlejšie našli.
Je to ťažké nájsť prácu momentálne, viem to z vlastnej skúsenosti, ale sám si zodpovedný za seba a len ty môžeš veci zmeniť ak sa snažíš.

Ďakujem Charlie za čas a odpovede. Vy si vyhladajte Pints a nenechajte si ich újsť, keď budú vo Vašom okolí. Veľmi dobrá kapela s veľmi super ľudmi so srdcom na správnom mieste.

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