Tunes to skate to

Lets put it this way, there are bands and there are the other bands. I grow up on a dark music from The Velvet underground to The doors to Stooges and then jump straight into bloody deep underground hardcore punk shit. I skipped the Pop culture. I was a hippy and then jumped into camouflage army shorts, white t shirt and bandanna. Hanging around youth spots in my hometown and listening to every underground band whose records ended up in our hands. Trying to get home made tattoos as there were no tattoo shops open at that time. Post communist time, brand new capitalism opening its door to us. This was the era before internet and bloody mobile phones. Era when the tapes and vinyls only ruled our world and we were searching for any knowledge from cut and paste zines and word of mouth.

Trying to hit every show of foreign band and tried to mosh hard to any tunes coming close to sound of hardcore and punk, well we hit metal shows too, but those fashion dudes only head banged and fucking hated us for stage diving and slam dancing and God knows we were fucking hitting that shit hard with our crew, always at the front of the stage.

Regardless the drama, times are changing, yeah Freddy Madball, to the worst and we gotta keep the positive outlook . Even I got into skateboarding very late, I have always been on the side of it, admiring it, secretly loving it and then exploring it later.

I have prepared for you some tunes I love to listen to when I am trying to shred the bowl and not to kill myself.

My all time favorite band Fu Manchu and their album King of the Road is my all time favorite record with banging riding tunes.

Fu Manchu – Blue tile forever

Second to share will be definitely Dinosaur Jr and their song Going down. Those gods of alternative music were always part of the culture on both sides, skating and hardcore or call it alternative music. They have been in this for years and still shredding good tunes.

Dinosaur Jr – Going down

Third band I dig is Rotting Out, if I want to pump it up and get into constant stage of anger while I skate to over come my inner fears from injuries I am listening those folks. Pure hardcore energy. No fucking around. Short, aggressive and to the point.

Rotting out – Born

The next band will be Red Hot Chilly Peppers and their song Dark necessities. Be completely honest, I love their early early recordings then long long time nothing and then this song came out and I fall in love with it. Its chill, relaxing song with their typical bass lines. Good for cruising around and enjoying the sun outside.

Red Hot Chilly Peppers – Dark Necessities

Also they have extra points for playing in some cool movies such as Suburbia and Point Break.

Number 5 will be The Shrine, those guys are mixing good old hard rock early metal stuff like Black Sabbath with younger destroyers Black flag, when I am listening to them I hear both bands in The Shrine perfect symbiosis.

The Shrine – I cannot control it

Next tune is Broncho – Try me out sometime, nice catchy easy tune for cruising around skate park.

Broncho – Try me out sometime

Sonic Youth should be somewhere on the top with Suicidal tendencies, but be honest I do not like much ST, but they deserve to be in this post with Sonic Youth for many reasons. There is not that many bands you can hear first seconds of their song and you know its them regardless and as a young man in the past I had a secret crash on the bass player.

Sonic Youth – 100%

Suicidal tendencies – Institutionalized must be included here. Not a fan of their over all music style, but those guys set the image of the subculture across the globe and there was no way back once you saw them. You just wanted to be like them regardless where you lived. Prove me wrong shitheads, haha. We all from the day seeing them wanted to wear bandannas and chino trousers. Then Madball came along and carried the torch on the other coast of the States, but that is another story my friend.

Suicidal tendencies – Institutionalized

Lets continue with some more.

Brant Bjork and the low desert punk band

Brant Bjork and the low desert punk band with their song Controllers destroyed is amazing to watch but also pumping through out the tempo of the song will make you fearless haha.

One of the younger shredding worshipers currently released album on Beat down hardware records in Europe and they are called Negative self, guess who they took inspiration from?

Negative self – Underneath the wave

Talking about the almighty Madball, here is one tune I got on my phone at all time no matter what the syncing going on. Rev up is chilling tune with some skating.

Madball – Rev up

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