Patrick MMW

I met Patrick probably in 2005 on one of the hardcore shows back in the day. It was the time when I had not had too many friends in London, not like I got many nowadays anyway haha, but he was fun to be around. I was shocked how many Poles live in London, definitely was not expecting to learn Polish faster than English, haha, bad joke aside. I love my Polish friends across the world. I wanted to find out more about Pat and do little presentation about his wicked label Mark My Words as its something you should pay close attention too. Support Patrick and his work, he needs to buy more guitar strings so he can boil your blood playing metal core. Read the interview in whole and check all the posted videos across Slovak text for bands he released.

The CD King of West London, foto personal archive

Slovenský text ide po anglickom.

J: Can you introduce yourself? Your name, where you come from, where you live and what you do job wise?

P: Hi, it’s Patrick here. I have been running Mark My Words Records since 2016. Originally, I’m from Poland. I moved to the UK in 2003, and have been representing West London Hardcore Crew for many years. Job-wise I am a supervisor at a warehouse.

J: Do you remember when have you become involved with hardcore punk?

Patrick in Absorption, foto amentma

P: Hmm… I think it was when I was a 15-year-old kid, so if my math is any good, I would say it was 1997.

J: Where was it? What was the first band you come across which blown your mind away?

P: Obviously, it was back in Poland in my hometown of Kolbuszowa. I was crazy about Dog Eat Dog and of course, by then I already knew bands such as RATM and Biohazard. I remember when once my classmates went for a field trip, and I was banned from going because a while earlier I have gotten into a fight or something along these lines. I had to go to school and attend lessons with another class. It was not the worst thing, as that day I made friends with a guy who listened to music that was similar to what I liked and he told me about hardcore. He also lent me a tape by Madball called “Set It Off”. I’m sure you know it. There’s the intro, then the guitar and then “SET IT OFF”. I think that that was the moment when my mind was blown away. That is when I started getting deeper into hardcore.

J: Tell us about the time you decided to start your label?

Patrick in x Vanquish x

P: I was kind of forced to start my label by members of First Fight Down. They told me they were recording new songs that they were going to release on vinyl and they were looking for somebody to release it on a CD. A while back I shared with one member of the band that I wanted to start a label and release CDs. After a 1-minute consideration, my mind was made up and I said I would do it. FFD was supposed to be #01, but they proved to be incredibly lazy and slow coaches and out of boredom, I released 10 other albums before FFD was released as #11.

J: Why did you name it Mark My Word? Is there story behind the name?

P: It was take from one of the best hardcore albums ever.

“I was so blind. I couldn’t see the truth.
I was unable to see how my life was being used.
To be something so minuscule. Everything I thought was so definite,
I thought was so real was thrown away and will be remembered among unpaling hatred.
Consider my suffering. Through all your pain.
Remember my face. I’m digging your grave.
Since when was so sacred, turning into something so wrong.
Something so important to me. Cheapened and exploited.
I won’t be that way, I can’t, I can’t be that way again.
I can’t, I won’t, I will never let it.
Consider my suffering. Through all your pain.
Remember my face. I’m digging your fucking grave.
For the rest of your fucking life
You will MARK MY WORDS.”

J: Mark My Words is London label and focusing mostly on small DIY bands but you have bands from abroad so what is the process before you release any band? How do you decide what yes and not to release?

USA release of Absorption

P: When I decided to start my own label, I promised to myself that I would only ever be releasing albums of small, DIY bands, as well as bands that my friends play in. By doing this, I want to support and promote such bands. I have a few rules that I always follow when choosing bands. I will never release albums of bands that sign about things that are against my beliefs or bands that are mainly concerned with how much money they can make out of an album. I’m not doing it for the money – to the contrary, I invest my own money which I don’t always get a return on. I try to avoid big names because I know that such bands require greater dedication in terms of time spent on promoting the album etc, which I unfortunately always lack. The origin of the band is not an issue for me. By now I have released quite a
number of albums of bands from all around the world, which I’m really happy about.

J: What are the views you talked about? What is the ethics / ethos you follow and share with the bands on your label?

P: The main point is a DIY approach to music and hardcore. No spotlight addicts etc. If that’s what you are into – sorry but you have to look elsewhere. I have also already mentioned money that I don’t make a lot of, but nonetheless, I try to help and support the bands in any way I can. One of the other points is religion. I try to avoid bands that praise God.

J: What are your favorite bands so far? Not only on your label but would like to find out more about your musical taste.

Hey, you out there, stop farting…

P: HA! This is actually the worst question you could have asked. I can’t give you a precise answer. Of course, out of all my releases, number one has to be First Fight Down and will always be. Apart from that, my musical taste is weird. I love good, heavy hardcore, old school
hardcore, metalcore, metal, pop and many more musical genres. For example, at the moment, I listen to on repeat Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music, Zac Brown Band, Jake Owen, Placebo or U2. Every now and then I like to listen to something new in hardcore. Out of the newest „hardcore” bands that touched me the most are One Step Closer, Drain, The Year Of The Knife. The new Witness The Fall which is supposed to come out really soon is also amazing.

J: How many releases you have done so far? Tell us about the recent ones and do you have any special you are proud of? I know what you will say, you proud of every single one, but that’s not truth, I know it, haha. There is always one on the scale overweight the weaker ones.

Who cares? foto amentma

P: Up until now, I have released 45 titles but I’m in the process of organizing another 3-4. I’m just waiting for recordings from the bands. One of them is Witness the Fall from Holland. The new music is brilliant. This is a terribly underestimated band and I can’t understand why. They are first-class in my opinion. Another new release will be Failed State from Belgium – great hardcore for dancing and singalongs. I’m also talking to a metal core band from West London – yes, that’s correct. West London – but for now I can’t say too much. I know for sure that it will be powerful.
Which albums make me most proud? First Fight Down I think. It’s difficult for me to choose from other albums because there are so many of them. Devour, Witness The Fall, Gods Heritage, Realm of
Torment, Who Cares? And many others.

First fight down MMW

J: Tell us few words about the bands on your label?

P: They are all amazing, hehe. Please check them out. Even if you don’t normally buy CDs, then please, go to Bandcamp where you will find all of our releases. There is brutal metalcore, heavy hardcore,
emotional hardcore punk and simply hardcore punk. For me, there are no limits in the music played – there is room for almost everything.

J: Do people actually still buy CDs? How many copies you print per band and how do you distribute it?

P:It may not be the best-selling music storage format but it still sells. We print between 100 and 300 pieces, depending on the band. Some sell faster, some slower. It is hard, of course, because mp3 and Spotify are so popular nowadays. The youngsters are lazy and prefer to simply click on the phone a few times to listen to a track but we still have CD maniacs. I have my own website, which I invite you to check out, and I also distribute to several distros and stores in the world. Japan is probably the biggest market – they still love CDs!

J: As a Polish guy living in UK, have you come across discrimination just because you are Polish?

P: Of course, but that was a few years back. It’s different nowadays. I think people have gotten used to us. Perhaps it’s a different story in smaller towns where the mentality is different. London is simply a big old mix of all cultures.

Absorption, foto amentma

J: Have you come across hatred or verbal abuse?

P: Yep. But not so many times. Maybe because I’m a big boy and that is why people don’t try this with me hehe. One time there was even a fight that was started by 3 English blokes with myself, my brother and my good friend. They said some anti-polish stuff to us and we beat
the shit out of them lol.

J: Some fucking street justice. Listen what is the story behind you dropping on edge if it’s not too embarrassing to talk about? One day we were meeting at the shows X everywhere then you become a dad and after few years when things settled you came back without the X. Tell me how you view straight edge at the present…

P: Hahahaha I knew you would ask this at some point! It happened some time ago and I don’t even remember the reason why. Straight Edge was a very good chapter in my life for a good 10 years, which were the most difficult, rebel years. I survived them as best I could, and at some point, I realized I didn’t need sxe anymore. However, I broke only one edge – alcohol. During those 10 years, I have learnt self-control and now I know what I am doing when I go to have a few drinks with friends. Today, I see it as a personal choice. Do what you want to do, just don’t try to push it too hard onto others. I still respect sxe with my whole heart and I am happy to have had the opportunity to experience it, as I have already mentioned, in the most challenging moments of a young person’s life. I really don’t know how I would have ended up without it, looking now at the lives of some friends from the street I grew up on. Respect!

J: Kurwa. Why is this word used after every sentence in majority of Polish people I am talking to? Is it like a folk tradition of the language using the word? Kurwa.

Kurwa to jaky chlopak

P: You are not the first person to ask this and I will answer the same as I answer others – listen to the English people – why do they say the words fuck, fuckin, fuck it fuckers fuckface fucksake etc. all the time? We use the word kurwa literally for the same reasons hehe.

J: You twisted the answer, its not fair you cheap fuck, haha. What do you think about the Brexit?

P: Probably the same as every other logically thinking person – Brexit sucks. Big time. I don’t follow politics much because it’s not my thing. I know the EU is not the best thing but still, it’s better than having all the borders etc. I heard that Brexit might impact upon tours of US
and EU bands – perhaps that will be the ONE positive effect of Brexit when people start to attend local gigs and support small bands.

J: How is Brexit going to affect you and your label?

P: At this point in time, I have not noticed any negative effects, we will have to wait and see what the future brings.

J: That is a good point made about supporting local bands, but UK scene is strong already with many UK headlining shows sold out or having very good attendance.

With all those years abroad, do you still feel part of the Polish scene back home or you disconnected? Do you follow scene back in Poland? Any names we should pay attention to?

P: You are right but there are still a lot of concerts that more people could come to. I like to attend such small gigs myself. I think they have a great atmosphere. People must try it.

As for the Polish scene – unfortunately not. I’m not a part of it anymore. I have lived in the UK since 2003 so just imagine how much has been going on there since then. Of course, I still keep in touch with old friends but I just do not follow closely what is going on there.

Early black, foto amentma

I can only give a few names that I know and like. Faul Techniczny – I released their CD, old punx from Castet, and from newer bands: Foresight or Protein – maybe you even had the opportunity to see them in the UK at a festival organized by Sheep last year. It’s really hard for me to give names now, personally I listen to older bands from Poland like Sunrise (one of the best bands ever from the Polish scene), Schizma or 1125.

Interesting fact: I released two other Polish bands some time ago – Radiance – new age records style – but they are dead and the members play in Protein, Foresight and several other projects, the second is Black Palate – Integrity/Strife style, but unfortunately they split up. It’s a pity because it was a great band.

J: You played in various bands, tell us more about them?

P: Yeah, I do love playing in bands. It’s so much fun. As long as things don’t get too serious- I enjoy it. In the UK I played in two bands: Absorption – metal core – we released a CD EP and we played a few good gigs. At the moment we are in hiatus. Most of the band members had to concentrate on their personal lives. The other one was Ballkick. The band went in a different direction than we first anticipated, so myself and a few other members decided to leave. Apart from that, I played in a few less known bands in Poland. My fondest memories are from the times I played in X vanquish X – edge metal straight from hell. I can reveal that I am working on something new at the moment, but I don’t want to say too much yet.

J: Gosh, you and your secrets. How become a father changed your life? Assuming family comes first before anything else. How you manage those two worlds – world of hardcore and family?

P: Hahaha, we all have some secrets! As for becoming a father, it has drastically changed my life. When children are born it changes the way
you think. You don’t think “I” anymore but “us”. Sometimes it’s hard but you just learn to cope. You probably know that since you are a father too. For immigrants, raising children is a little more difficult, especially since you don’t have your parents or other family members here who could lend a hand. I don’t remember the last time I was out with my wife without the children when we could relax and not think about them. And as for hardcore, it was hard at first of course. I had to give up many good concerts and focus only on my family and helping with the children. Today it is different. My son is nearly 11 years old and my daughter is 8. They can largely take care of themselves so I can go out once in a while for a gig or to a pub to see a football match with friends :). My children are by now also used to having a different father than others – an idiot who spends money on CDs and runs around with a guitar, but at least they know that he loves them and tries to spend as much as possible with them. My son plays football in a team that I also coach, and my daughter has recently begun taking guitar lessons from a member of several legendary bands from London, so I’m secretly hoping that soon I will be hearing Raining Blood riffs coming from her room.

J: Haha, good luck to her and your neighbor, hope we will see you soon in some kind of father – daughter metal core band.

Do you have favourite venue in London where you enjoy to see bands or play with your bands?

P: Hmm .. I do like Unicorn a lot.

J: What do you like about London and don’t you want to move back to Poland?

Early black – Drain

P: Of course, I miss Poland but I don’t think I would feel at home there anymore. It’s a different mindset.
Different society. This is the main reason why I’m still in London. I can do what I want and I really don’t care. I come from a small town in the south of Poland where everyone knows everyone. Whatever you do – everyone knows about it and already judges you. I’m anonymous here. A mix of cultures, origins and religions – it has its charm.

J: Tottally agree with you. The anonymous lifestyle and multi culturalism is deffinetely something I love too.

You said you are not into politics much, but it seems in Poland nowadays the government is trying to limit human rights and the power of church is interfering with peoples life. Are you following what is going back at home in your mother land?

P: Ohh man, this is just one of the reasons why I don’t want to go back to live there. The catholic church rules to the full. I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I would probably land in jail for killing a few priests lol.
We have a terrible government. What they are doing should be made public around the world so that others know what is going on there and maybe put some pressure on them to change their sick ways. I only follow what my friends post on Facebook. Recently, they voted to allow children to participate in hunting, as apparently it would teach them about life and show them where food comes from. They also voted whether to ban abortion and prenatal tests, as well as whether to ban sex education in schools, with teachers who don’t comply threatened with a 3-year prison sentence. Kurwaaa! Turning back in its development. It’s all the church’s fault. And you wonder why Poles have emigrated and settled all around the world – it’s quite simple: hardly anyone wants to live in Poland anymore.

J: Thank you Patrick for your time and work. Keep the good job and everybody reading this go and check on his label and support this guy. Check the videos in Slovak version below.

Slovenský preklad.

J: Tak sa nám predstav holobriadok. Ako sa voláš? Odkial si? Kde bývaš a kde pracuješ?

P: Ahoj, som Patrick. Robím Mark My Words records od 2016. Origiálne pochádzam z Poľska. Odsťahoval som sa do Anglicka v roku 2003, and odvtedy reprezentujem našu západno Londýnsku hardcore crew.

J: Pamätáš si kedy si začal pôsobiť v scéne?

P: Hmmm…myslím, že mi bolo pätnásť rokov, takže ak moje počty sú v poriadku tak to bolo niekedy okolo 1997.

J: Kde to bolo? Ktorá bola tvoja prvá kapela, ktorú si počul – objavil a ktorá ti ustrelila dekel?

Patrick, Willy Who Cares and Early black, MMW family

P: Samozrejme, že to bolo v Poľsku v mojom rodnom meste Kolbuszowa. Strašne sa mi páčili Dog Eat Dog, už som poznal kapely ako Rage against the machine a Biohazard. Jeden deň naša trieda išla na školský výlet, ale ja som nemohol ísť, lebo som musel ostať po škole kvôli bitke. Musel som ísť do školy namiesto toho výletu, a ostať v inej triede. Nebolo to to najhoršie čo ma mohlo stretnúť, pretože vtedy som sa skamarátil s týpkom, ktorý počúval podobnú muziku ako ja. On mi povedal o hardcore. Požičal mi kazetu od Madball Set it off. Určite to poznáš. To intro , kde sa potom pridajú gitari a výkrik Set it off. Toto je definitívne moment, ktorý ma chytil za gule a odjebal mi hlavu. Od tohto momentu som sa do hardcore zavŕtal hlbšie.

J: Prečo si to pomenoval Mark My Word? Je tam za tým nejaká story?

P: Pomenoval som to podľa najlepšieho hardcore albumu v živote.
“I was so blind. I couldn’t see the truth.
I was unable to see how my life was being used.
To be something so minuscule. Everything I thought was so definite,
I thought was so real was thrown away and will be remembered among unpaling hatred.
Consider my suffering. Through all your pain.
Remember my face. I’m digging your grave.
Since when was so sacred, turning into something so wrong.
Something so important to me. Cheapened and exploited.
I won’t be that way, I can’t, I can’t be that way again.
I can’t, I won’t, I will never let it.
Consider my suffering. Through all your pain.
Remember my face. I’m digging your fucking grave.
For the rest of your fucking life
You will MARK MY WORDS.”

J: Mark My Words records je londýnský label, ktorý sa sústredí predovšetkým na malé DIY kapely, ale máš tam kapely z celého sveta, takže aký máš proces predtým ako sa rozhodneš kapelu vydať? Podla čoho sa rozhoduješ koho vydáš?

P: Keď som zakladal label tak som sa rozhodol, že budem vydávať len kapely, ktoré sú DIY, a tak isto musia byť moji kamoši. Práve týmto chcem týmto kapelám pomôcť. Mám zopár pravidiel, na ktorých si zakladám: nikdy by som nevydal kapelu, ktorá by spievala o tom s čím sám nesúhlasím, alebo ktorý sa zaújmajú o profit. Nerobím to pre peniaze, práve naopak, viac týmto strácam, lebo to financujem sám a väčšina sa tie peniaze investované do albumov ani nevrátia. Snažím sa vyhýbať veľkým menám, pretože väčšie kapely musia mať aj viacej času investovaného do nich a to ja nemám. Musíš sa im venovať, promotion, koncerty a podobne. Zatial som vydal docela dosť albumov, rôznych kapiel z celého sveta.

J: Vieš mi viacej upresniť tie etické požiadavky na kapely? O čom presne sa tu bavíme?

P: Najdôležitejším je, aby boli DIY, aby to čo robili bolo v tomto duchu, aby neboli na prvý pohľad drogovo závislí. Ak sa ti páči byť pod neustálym vplyvom drog, ok, je to tvoja vec, ale nič pre mňa. Ako som spomínal peniaze, nemôžu byť hladný po peniazoch, nezarábam toľko, ale keď sa dá podporiť tak vždy pomôžem. Potom je to náboženstvo. Vyhýbam sa kapelám, ktoré ospevujú Boha.

J: Ktoré su tvoje oblúbené kapely? Nielen čo vydávaš, ale tak všeobecne, aký máš hudobný vkus, chcem vedieť.

P: Ha. Totoje tá najhoršia otázka pre mňa, akú si sa ma mohol opýtať. Nemôžem ti dať uspokojivú odpoveď. Z tých čo som vydal, určite First Fight Down a navždy bude top. Okrem toho môj hudobný vkus je divný človeče. Mám rád dobrú muziku od ťažkého hardcore, old school, metalcore, metal, pop a veľa ďalších. Momentálne veľa počúvam Jimmy Eat World, Hot water music, Zac Brown Band, Jake Owen, Placebo a U2. Potom raz za čas si rád vypočujem niečo nové zo scény. Páčia sa mi One step closer, Drain, The zear of the knife. Aj nový Witness the fall sú super, majú vydať nový album.

J: Tak koľko si tých albumov vydal? Ktorý bol posledný? Viem čo sa chystáš povedať, že si nemôžeš vybrať, ale to sú keci. Musí tam byť jeden čo máš radšej ako ten druhý, haha.

P: Mám vonku 45 vydaní, ale som v procese vydať ďalšie tri – štyri v najbližšej dobe. Čakám len na nahrávky od kapiel, aby som mohol začať lysovať. Jednou z nich sú spomínaný Witness the fall z Holandska. Ich muzika je briliantná, veľmi podceňovaná kapela. Je to prvá trieda, a nerozumiem, prečo sa o nich viacej nehovorí.
Ďalšia bude Failed state z Belgicka – hardcore pre všetkých čo maju radi tancovanie a zborové spevy.
Snažím sa vydať jednu kapelu zo západného Londýna, ale zatial spolu iba prejednávame detaily, nemôžem povedať viac. Keď to výjde tak to bude sila.
A ktorý album ma robí hrdým? First Fight Down. Je to zložité si vybrať zo všetkých tých albumov. Devour, Witness the fall, Gods heritage, Realm of torment, Who cares? a ďalšie…

Jawless, MMW37

J: Vieš nám povedať viac o kapelách na tvojom labely?

P: Všetky sú super, haha. Pozrite sa na ne. Aj keď si už nekupuješ cdčka tak zájdi na ich bandcamp profil a vypočuj si ich. Škála je široká od brutálneho metalcore, heavy hardcore, emocionálneho hardcore punku až po jednoduchý hardcore punk. Žiadne limity čo sa týka žánru, je u nás miesto pre všetky.

J: Kupujú si ľudia vôbec cdčka ešte? Koľko kusov tlačíš a kde to distribuješ?

P: Nie je to formát, ktorý by sa kupoval vo veľkom, to je pravda, ale stále sa predáva. Vytlačíme okolo sto až tristo kusov, záleží na kapele. Niektoré sa predaju rýchlo a niektoré pomalšie. Mladšie ročníky sú viac lenivejší a radi si stiahnu muziku rovno do mobilu, ale zopár cd maniakov sa stále nájde. Mám vlastnú stránku, choď sa na ňu pozrieť a tak isto distribujem nosiče rôznych svetových distier. Japonsko je definitívne najväčší priestor pre naše nosiše, stále maju radi cdčka.

J: Ako poľský chlapec v Londýne, stretol si sa s nenávisťou či disrkimináciou, len pretože si poliak?

P: Samozrejme, ale bolo to pár rokov dozadu. Dnes už je to iné. Myslím si, že ľudia si už zvykli na nás. Možno je to iné v menších mestách, kde más inú mentalitu ľudí. Londýn je proste veľký a mix všetkého čo vo svete nájdeš.

J: S akou nenávisťou si sa stretol? Nadávky…?

P: Áno, ale nie často. Som väčší týpek, takže moc si na mňa ľudia netrúfli, haha. Raz sme sa museli pobiť s troma angličanmi, ktorý na nás zaútočili, keď som bol s kamošom a mojim bratom. Kričali na nás rôzne proti poľske nadávky tak sme ich rozjebali na sračky.

J: Pouličná spravodlivosť v praxi. Počuj, chcel som sa ťa opýtať ako je to s tebou a zahodením edge za hlavu. Jedného dňa si samé X kam sa pozrieš a keď sa stretnem po pár rokoch, si otcom, usadený a bez straight edge. Čo sa stalo? Čo je pre teba straight edge dneska?

P: Hahahaha ja som vedel, že to na mňa vytiahneš. Stalo sa to pár rokov dozadu a pravdu povediac ani neviem z akého dôvodu. Straight edge bola etapa môjho života, ktorú si stále cením. Desať rokov som bol bez drog a v období, ktoré v rámci dospievania sú najdôležitejšie. Prežil som ich v zdravý tak ako sa dalo. Uvedomil som si, že nepotrebujem straight edge v mojom živote. Počas týchto desať rokov som sa naučil seba kontrolu a teraz viem čo robím a prečo to robím, keď si dám pivko s priateľmi. Je to pre mňa osobná volba. Rob čo ťa baví a čo chceš robiť a nepokúšaj sa to tlačiť iným. Stále rešpektujem straight edge celým mojim srdcom a som rád, že som touto cestou išiel. Myslím, že by som veľmi zle skončil, kebyže sa na túto cestu nevydám v mladosti. Inak som skončil len s nepitím, všetky ostatné veci ako drogy sú mimo mňa. Čas od času si vypijem. Rešpekt každému kto ostal.

Faul techniczny – Samozniszczenie MMW38

J: Kurwa. Teraz mi povedz, prečo to používa väčšina po každej vete? Všetci tak rozprávaju v Poľsku, haha? Je toto nejaký druh národnej tradície? Kurwa.

P: Vieš, že nie si prvý kto sa ma to pýťa? Odpoviem ti presne ako im – už si počul rozprávať angličana? Prečo za každým slovom hovoria fuck, fuckin, fuck it, fuckers, fuckface, fucksake…? Kurwa používame presne pre ten istý zmysel, haha.

J: Dobre si sa z toho vykrútil, ty lacná kurwa, haha. Čo si myslíš o Brexite?

P: Poviem ti len to čo ti povie každý rozumne rozmýšlajuci človek – Brexit je dobrá sračka. Brutálna sračka. Nesledujem politiku veľmi, nie je to moja vec. Možno EU nie je to najlepšie čo existuje, ale je to stále lepšie ako mať všade hranice. Počul som, že to bude mať dopad na kapely na turné. Svojim spôsobom to bude dobré možno, že sa bude viacej pozornosti dávať lokálnym kapelám.

J: Už si premýšlal ako Brexit bude mať dopad na tvoj label?

P: Doteraz som nič nepocítil, budem musieť počkať a uvidíme.

J: Máš pravdu, že to možno bude mať dopad na decká, ktoré budu dávať väčšiu pozornosť domácim kapelám. Na druhú stranu UK scéna už je dosť silná aj teraz, kde UK kapely vypredávaju kluby.

Tým že žiješ ako ja už dlhé roky mimo domovinu, cítiš sa už mimo poľskú scénu? Sleduješ čo sa deje doma? Nejaké kapely čo by si vypichol?

P: Máš pravdu, ale aj tak si myslím, že viacej koncertov domácich kapelám len prispeje scéne v UK. Rád chodím na malé lokálne koncerty. Majú oveľa lepšiu atmosféru. Ľudia by to mali okúsiť.

Čo sa týka poľskej scény – žial nie. Nie som už jej súčasťou. Žijem v UK od 2003, len si predstav ako veľmi sa už zmenila scéna. Samozrejme som v kontakte s ľuďmi, s ktorými som vyrastal a hral v kapelách, ale nie dostatočne na to, aby som vedel čo sa deje na scéne tam.

Faul tachniczny, vydal som im cdčko, starý punk z Castet, z novších kapiel, Foresight alebo Protein – Sheep robil festák a hrali tam, možno, že si ich pamätáš. Počúvam viac staré poľske kapely z mojej doby ako Sunrise, najlepšia kapela od nás, Schizma či 1125.

Zaujmavý fakt, vydal som dve poľske kapely pár rokov dozadu Radiance, new age records štýl hudby, už nehrajú, ale členovia hrajú dnes v Protein a Foresight. Druhá je Black palate – Integrity – Strife štýl, ale tiež sa rozpadli už. Škoda ich, boli to dobré kapely.

J: Sám hráš v kapelách, povedz nám viac o tvojich kapelách.

P: Áno, mám rád hrať v kapele. Je to super zábava, ale iba do doby keď je to len zábava a nič seriózne. V UK som hral v dvoch kapelách, Absorption – metal core kapela, vydali sme cd ep a zahrali sme zopár koncertov. Momenálne sme v hlbokom spánku. Väčšina členov sa musí sústrediť na prácu a rodinu. Druhá bola Ballkick. Ballkick išiel smerom, ktorý sa mi nepáčil moc tak som odišiel. Ešte hrajú, ale iný line up. V Poľsku som hral viac menej v neznámych kapelách, x Vanquish x edge metal z pekla je jedna z nich. Momenálne pracujem na novej kapele, len si musíš počkať.

J: Bože, ty a tvoje tajnosti. Ako ti zmenil život po narodený tvojich dvoch detí? Pravdepodobne rodina je prvoradá a všetko iné ide na druhú kolaj. Ako to zvládaš? Balancovať rodinný život a hardcore aktivity.

P: Hahaha, všetci máme svoje tajomstvá. Čo sa týka toho byť otec, tak to brutálne zmenilo môj život. Keď sa narodia deti tvoje premýšlanie sa zmení. Už nemyslíš na seba, ale na nás. Je to niekedy ťažké, ale naučil som sa s tým vysporiadať. Určite vieš o čom hovorím, keďže si foter sám. Pre objasnenosť, vychovávať decká je viac zložité, keďže nemáš žiadných iných rodinných príslušníkov okolo seba ako babky a dedkov a si na všetko sám. Ani si nepamätám, kedy sme so ženou išli sami dvaja von, kedy by sme len relaxovali a nerozmýšlali o tom čo robia deti. Čo sa týka hardcore, bolo to zložité na začiatku.
Musel som si odpustiť chodiť na každý koncert, ktorý som chcel vidieť a sústrediť sa plno na moju rodinu a deti. Už je to však v pohode. Syn má skoro jedenásť a dcéra osem rokov. Už sa vedia o seba postarať a tak mám čas ísť na koncert, čas od času, alebo si ísť pozrieť futbalový zápas s kamošmi. Moje deti si takisto už zvykli, že ich otec je trošku iný od tých klasických zo školy. Idiot, ktorý mína ich peniaze na cdčka a behá po dome s gitarou v ruke, ale aspoň vedia čo majú a vedia, že ich milujem. Syn hrá futbal a ja robím trénera v klube pre ktorý hrá. Dcéra sa začala učiť hrať na gitare u týpka čo hral vo veľa legendárnych londýnskych kapelách, takže očakávam že čoskoro budem počuť z izby Raining blood rify.

J: Veľa šťastia vašim susedom. Dúfam, že Vás čoskoro uvidíme spolu v nejakej metal core kapele, haha.

Máš svoju oblúbenú londýsnku krčmu, alebo priestor, kde rád hráš?

P: Hmmm…určite Unicorn.

J: Čo sa ti páči na Londýne? Nechceš sa vrátiť späť do Poľska?

P: Samozrejme, že mi Poľsko chýba, ale myslím si, že by som sa tam už necítil ako doma. Je tam úplne iná klíma premýšlania.
Spoločnosť je iná ako tu. Toto je hlavný dôvod, prečo stále žijem v Londýne. Môžem tu robiť čo chcem a nikomu to neprekáža, všetkým je to úplne u prdele čo robím. Pochádzam z malého mesta na juhu Poľska, kde každý pozná každého. Čokoľvek spravíš tak všetci do hodiny vedia čo si spravil a odsúdia ťa. Tu som v anonymite. Mixuju sa tu kultúry, farby pleti či náboženstiev, má to svoje čaro.

J: Úplne s tebou súhlasím, že tá anonymita a multi kultúra má čo do seba.

Spomínal si, že sa nezaújmaš o politiku, ale určite vieš čo sa deje doma u Vás v Poľsku, kde sa katolická církev snaží obmedzovať ľudské práva, ženské práva a vzrast nacionalizmu. Sleduješ to?

P: Ohhh, človeče, je to jeden z tých dôvodov, prečo nemôžem ísť naspäť. Katolická církev to úplne ovláda. Neprežíl by som to tam. Skončil by som vo väzení za zabitie nejakých kňazov, haha. Máme hroznú vládu. To čo robia oni musí ísť na svetlo sveta, aby všetci vedeli čo robia. Dostať ich pod tlak spoločnosti, aby nerobili tie ich hnusné opatrenia. Stačí mi vidieť veci od kamarátov na facebooku. Momentálne dovolili deťom participovať na love zvierat. Odôvodnuju to tým, že deti sa naučia odkial pochádza mäso a prežiť. Chcú zakázať potraty a prenatálne testovanie, alebo zakázať sexuálnu výchovu na školách s tým, že keď učitelia nebudú následovať čo povedia v parlamente tak pôjdu sedieť na tri roky. Kurwa. Všetko je to zasraná katolícka církev. Potom sa čudujete, že je toľko poliakov mimo Poľska. Normálny človek nechce žiť v takej krajine predsa.

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