Get ready for some moaning. You can scroll to another article or bite your tongue and carry on reading. You know the choice is always yours and nobody can tell you what you should or should not to do, unless you kind of submission loving character and seeking your dominant counter part to tell you (“Now your ass will meet the medieval age” as they say in one of my favourite movies).

I want this blog to be mostly about interviews with people I love, like or respect for what they do or talk about. I am inspired by most of you and respect what you do. I respect your opinions, even I might not agree with all of them and respect you for coming back to me and getting involved in this project, spending your time and sharing with the rest of us.  Every single one of you showing your support is forever in my heart.

I want to help you to promote your activities and show others there is another interesting person I consider friend, well, lets be honest, I don’t have many close friends and I am keeping things to myself, but I mean the “scene friend”, somebody I will trust, share my floor with when necessary, send him or her money when the worst shit hit you and I am not skinned myself, somebody I can joke and laugh watching our favourite bands or bitch about life.

What makes me sad is people who ignore my requests to interview them. They agree, then are quite for ages, you remind yourself and they still say yeah, but then they ignore you again. I can take on board you don’t want any attention at all and I will respect it, but tell me. Maybe you find my questions innapropriate, I get it, we can change it and discuss it, but don’t be quite. Tell me so I know where we are.

I find it upsetting, the ignorance you showing. We high five at the gigs, I take pictures for your band or share them with however ask for it, sharing it for free, but people still do not have decency to respond.

What is wrong with you folks? Disappointing approach.

That’s it, one crying post for those who ignore the people who wants to support you. At least be honest and up front. I really want to use the F word, but I am not that poisonous today.

Football, flooding, fear, fisting, fights and other Fs I don’t like.

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