CLOBBER first show

In my ultimate wisdom and last minute dot com preparation for this gig, I forgot to charge the camera batteries so ended up taking pics of the first group BXGGS – DFUNDZ (hip hop group from London – their pics will come later on) and the all star band Clobber ex and current members of Pints, War crimes, 50 Caliber or Idle hands. The gig took place at the Wacky Barbers Soho saloon. I knew this will be a ride. Sorry for not staying longer for Milennials and The other ones, but my batteries gave up on me.

BTW you cheap punks, if you like what you see, order my photo book UKHC2 or WWHC you will find some details in my older blog entries. Enjoy the photos and share the love.

Order my book or turn into dust punk

the book you want in your book shelve – Wordwild hardcore (UKHC3 the last from the trilogy)

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