Luna Lounge in Leytonstone is a small music venue 2 minutes walk from Leytonstone station right in the centre of the town on 7 Church lane. The venue owner Suja opened his door to local punk collective who organised loads of banging shows in the basement club. Sadly Suja passed away and this show was to thank him and his family for all the years of support to local punk community and many independent artists from across the musical world, not just hardcore or punk acts. Many local scene bands passed the venue door naming few like Pints, Giants, We are the Ocean, Prowler, Groove street families, Who cares, CB6 and many more I remember taking pics of. Luna is perfect place for shows especially during time when most of our long time running venues got shot by Councils due to greedy business and developments. Luna is keeping fighting local Council as they want to shut their door too. I hope people from the scene will show respect and support to the one of the remaining music venues in London who still dare and support local misfits like us. Rest in peace Suja. You were a star and good man to all of us.

Clobber, Who Cares?, CB6 and Giants (one off reunion), sorry Prowler (had to go)

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