Putin is a war criminal

For my “lost” UK friends. I am aware I am turning into grumpy old man. I am turning into “geopolitical expert” from my caussy warm flat (actually its bloody cold) in London. The situation in Ukraine is horrible. It is making me angry, frustrated and a bit aggressive towards the people who are sharing hoaxes published by communist pro russian trolls. Watching the disinformation about Ukraine and keeping the narrative that Ukraine is a fascist state based on two or three circulating pictures from website which have clearly pro putin government content. I am sorry my “so called friends”, but antifascism is one thing and war on sovereign state is another thing. There are bombs dropping down on my neighbours, not further than 200km away from my homeland. Thinking Ukraine is fascist state is such a nonsense and does not have any rationality especially when you have no clue about their history not only during WW2 but way before and after. Judging and feeding the pro russian narrative based on few pictures of ukraine neonazis defending their country is wrong. Does it mean when I see polish neonazis sieg hailing and holding nazi flags the whole Poland is fascist state? Or when I see Slovak or British nationalists doing the same it automatically means UK and Slovakia is nazi state? Get a grip please and stop spreading this narrative. Ukraine has democratically elected government and president, in 2013 they had to protest and loads of them died when their pro russian elected government suspended the signing of the european union ukraine association agreement. Ukraine decided to go democratic way. Western world after collapse of Soviet union promised to keep them safe from enemies when they hand over their nuclear weapons. in 2014 Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and supported insurgency on the eastern boarder. It is Russia who is the aggressor here not Ukraine. Ukraine could not even defend herself in 2014 because they did not have enough power to do so. Putin is describing and spreading narrative about Ukrainian fascist politics but he is the one who in his own country killing journalists, political opponents, locking everybody who is pointing finger on his hypocrisy, beating peaceful protesters, own people on the streets, creating police fascist state. Putin`s army is now killing innocent people, technically their own people, brothers and sisters for his geopolitical ambition keeping Ukraine under Soviet Kremlin influence. If he is going to succeed he will not stop there. Soon many other democratic bordering countries might come next on his list. So please stop spreading the pro Kremlin bollocks about Ukraine. They are fighting for their sovereignty and freedom and we should support them in their fight however we are able and capable of. You can keep your opinions, but if you are on the Kremel side of it, please leave me and my private space and go and spread the lies to your friends. We don’t have much then to talk about I am afraid. Solidarity with Ukraine! Fuck Putin and his asskissers.


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