The Spot Jam 2022

Another year has gone and we were fortunate to meet again at the Spot in Tottenham. I am going to split the photos into two galleries – this one is the faces of the Spot Jam and another will be the bands I managed to shot – Empire of dust, Daybreakers, Lead desert blues, Sawticide, Trading hands, Old horn tooth and Migraines.

Sorry for the rest, but had to go and pick up the little one. Enjoy the pics. Share, steal, comment, use and abuse, but will be nice to let me know if you use them. I like to keep a track once they appear in artworks, designs, merchandise etc. If you need higher resolution hit me, its free, use the comment page to get in touch.

If you like my pictures and are into photography books I got still some photo books left UKHC2 and WWHC.

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