Memorial party to celebrate Alexia with Do One, Desolacion, Atavistik Deathpose, Shooting Daggers, Dub Righters, Pisskrieg and Poisonous cunt last ever show. More pictures will come later. This is just a tease for more to come. Share, love, hate, use and abuse…

Ferg Simonds

Lets be honest here, everybody hitting London shows knows Ferg. Probably the only guy from the day one I stepped into UKHC waters who has been extraordinary polite, friendly, welcoming and always ready to engage in chat. Spreading the positive mental attitude message across and I dont remember single show where I would see him… Read More Ferg Simonds

John Kata

If only all the folks I do interview with are so pro active and fast as John I will be one happy bunny. That shows few things about this man, he is dedicated, responsible and hardworking individual. Thank you John for such quick response and commitment to this. John is known within the London, UK… Read More John Kata