50 Caliber, Tantrum, Pints, Proven or Ironed out just some of the many bands Richard played  hitting hard the drums set. Very active young man within the UKHC scene involved in organizing gigs including Ready Eye fest with the rest of the London crew. We discussed his life, bands and opinions about south and north… Read More Richard


Excuse my shitty English, but in 2004 I could not really speak well and the grammar was deep space for me to discover. I am sitting in front my laptop and thinking what I want to write as a introduction for this interview. The first thing that popped into my head is the scene in… Read More Sheep


London based JAILBAIT were fucking kicking ass band – bringing back good old 90s sound to the new young blood on the dancefloor in UK. Love them or hate them – they did not give a fuck. This short interview was done years back for my paper zine. I dont even remember Q: Introduction: Who… Read More Jailbait