April 2023, Moor Vault Bermondsey, Who cares? release party. I sell prints if you like what I do and you want to own your own copy and support my work, hit me £10 digital, £20 A4 photo format, £30 A3 photo format.


New record release show, Bermondsey Moor Beer Vault with Mister lizard and Prey I sell photo prints, if you like any of the pics hit me, £10 digital, £20 A4 or £30 A3 format photo print.


May 2006, London, Underworld, supporting Cro-mags on their Europe tour. If you like any of the photo, I do sell photo prints Digital £10 A4 photo £20 A3 photo £30

Prints for sale

My first set of quality prints for fans of my photography work is available now. Supreme Fuji colour paper in A4 and A3 format to be hanged in nice bold black frame on your wall. Postage not included, paypal or transfer payment available. Contact me through contact page please.


Camden Underworld, 2007 Taking you down the memory lane when 25 TA LIFE meant something, I believe the personal legacy of the band is long time gone damaged by the lead singer Rick ta Life. Take this purely as a look back on our youth days.


S Filipom sme zabrázdili do tmavých uličiek jeho sveta, názorov, bolesti a radosti. Damato a The Citadel, dve kapely, ktoré na slovenskej scéne rozkopali stereotypy, ktoré vačšina hardcore punkových kapiel má. Pre mňa kapely, ktoré dávaju zmysel. Rozhovor sa odohral medzi januárom a marcom 2023. Filip, dúfam, že ťa severský vietor v tejto zime moc… Read More FILIP POTROK


Bratislavske garaze, April 2018 Photo report capturing the best antifascist band from Slovakia performing in the legendary underground spot in Bratislava, garages under the docks bridge. Funny fact, I saw Rozpor first show back in the 1999 with different line up, had seen them over years few times, but this is the only time I… Read More ROZPOR


London 2011, Kings Cross United Kingdom straight edge bands playing small venue, not sure if I remember the names correctly, but lets say it was STAB, IRON CURTAIN, INHERIT, BREAKING POINT and CANT RELATE. (When I am wrong, correct me) Another memory lane, some of the members are now active in bands such as CHUBBY… Read More EDGE DAY 2011


The Dome, Tuffnel park January 2006. Gallows were supporting Good Clean Fun from USA that night along some other UKHC acts. Gallows at that time had only demo out as far as I know, years later they had become big band. Those pictures were taken on pocket digital camera and roughly one year since I… Read More GALLOWS


May 2007, London 12 Bar, Brighton punks setting the bar on fire. One of my favourite UK hardcore punk band. The same night Honour Among Thieves had their premier and I believe Alabaster sun played too.


Our dear friend Martin, singer of Dead mans chest and Action has suddenly passed away. He left behind his son Max who needs your support to over come the period when his dad is no longer able to support him. Please donate whatever you can to support Max to over come this hard time. Martin… Read More SUPPORT MAX


Vegan straight edge band from Czech republic playing Slovakia, Trencin town in club Luc in 2007. One of the best band coming from our area. I saw them many time back in their home theritory and their shows were always unforgettable. One of those bands worth taking pics as there was always something happening under… Read More BALACLAVA


2004 February. This was our first London gig when we moved from Slovakia to UK. The line up was unbelievable Dez Cadena on guitar – third Black flag singer later moved to guitar and vocals were took over by Henry Rollins back in the 80s. Drums legendary Marky Ramone. Jerry Only on bass, the only… Read More MISFITS