Worldwild Hardcore

The UKHC trilogy books are completed with WWHC (WorldWildHardCore pictures). I have decided to sum up over 10 years of shooting in exile and incorporate most of the bands from my existing archives into one fat photo book bible.

Front cover

Sadly I have lost over the years few photos which I would love to include. Most of the pics, majority, have never been published in previous books, however used some from Untitled book which is sold out over the years. Some bands will be memorized at the back of the book with smaller resolution pics from my website days about 25 bands among them More Than Life, H20, Gattaca, Protect Ya Neck…

I am keeping the price low for 350 page book on quality photo paper so do not be a dick and get one and support my work.

The pre order was supported by t-shirt design with strong feminism anti nazi drawing, rip off of old World War 2 poster changed to present time – closed by now.

Design available at the Reference page or Facebook.

Books are limited to 250 copies so hurry, they might go fast. Last 18 books.

List of some bands included inside the book. Feel free to share with your friends please.

Misfits (2004) USA
Converge (2005) USA
Deez Nuts (2005) Australia
Lahar (2005) Czech Republic
Modern life is war (2005) USA
Trial (2005) USA
108 (2006) USA
Wisdom in chains (2006) USA
Bane (2006) USA
Betrayed (2006) USA
Coliseum (2006) USA
Cro – mags (2006) USA
Darkest hour (2006) USA
Death by stereo (2006) USA
Dead to fall (2006) USA
Endstand (2006) Finland
Gallows (2006) UK
Godnoise (2006) Slovakia
Good clean fun (2006) USA
Himsa (2006) USA
John Ball (2006) Czech Republic
Nueva etica (2006) Brazil
Out of hand (2006) UK
Plus Minus (2006) Slovakia
Pulling teeth (2006) USA
Rise and fall (2006) Belgium
Ruiner (2006) USA
Seventh cross (2006) UK
Svablast (2006) Slovakia
The Evans (2006) USA
A.N.S. (2007) USA
Your demise (2007) UK
Abandon ship (2007) UK
Youth violence (2007) Hungary
Zhoda Nahod (2007) Slovakia
Anchor (2007) Sweden
Balaclava (2007) Czech rep.
Break In (2007) UK
CDC (2007) USA
Cop out (2007) UK
Dead swans (2007) UK
Down to nothing (2007) USA
Earthquake (2007) USA
Fast point (2007) UK
Flame Still Burns (2007) Slovakia
Get fucking dead (2007) UK
Harmacy (2007) UK
Honour among thieves (2007) UK
Jailbait (2007) UK
Last witness (2007) UK
Lord Alex (2007) Slovakia
Nervous wreck (2007) UK
Risky business (2007) USA
Ritual (2007) Germany
Sinking ship (2007) USA
Special move (2007) UK
The Citadel (2007) Slovakia
Vandali (2007) Slovakia
As friends rust (2008) USA
Autistic Youth (2008) USA
Career suicide (2008) Canada
World burns to hell (2008) USA
Cold ones (2008) UK
Comback kid (2008) Canada
Dirty money (2008) UK
Doomriders (2008) USA
Hang the bastard (2008) UK
Heaven shall burn (2008) Germany
Love and A45 (2008) UK
Masshysteri (2008) SWE
Ninebar (2008) UK
No dice (2008) UK
Rose parade (2008) UK
Sun has gone (2008) Czech Republic
This is hell (2008) USA
Time of my life (2008)
Verse (2008) USA
Death skulls (2009) UK
Immortal minority (2009) UK
Outbreak (2009) USA
Terror (2009) USA
The blackout argument (2009) Germany
The Set up (2009) Belgium
Vice city (2009) UK
Doom (2010) UK
Embrace destruction (2010) Italy
Hello bastards (2010) UK
Masakari (2010) USA
Inherit (2011) UK
Providence (2011) France
Ralp Macchio (2012) Brazil
Stab (2012) UK
Kids insane (2013) Israel
SIKE (2013) Ukraine
Breaking point (2011) UK
Oi polloi (2012) UK
Vitamin X (2013) Holland
Bluesbreaker (2013) Ukraine
Davova psychoza (2013) Slovakia
Fatal move (2013) Belgium
Vices (2015) Australia
Empty hall of fame (2015) Czech rep.
Hard out (2015) UK
Iceberg (2015) UK/Austria
Insist (2015) UK
Merauder (2015) USA
My turn (2015) Greece
No omega (2015) Sweden
Obstruct (2015) UK
Overturn (2015) UK
Renounced (2015) UK
Spit it out (2015) Slovenia
Sweet Jesus (2015) USA
Thalidomide (2015) Czech Republic
Conflict (2016) UK
Face your enemy (2016) Italy
Swamps (2016) USA
The Hammer (2016) Sweden
1125 (2017) Poland
Abandon Cause (2017) UK
Agnostic front (2017) USA
Action (2017) UK
Bono! (2017) UK
Who cares? (2017) UK
Brewed in Belgium (2017) Belgium
Cut down (2017) Finland
Dead Mans Chest (2017) UK
Easy money (2017) USA
Eat me fresh (2017) Czech Republic
Fire and ice (2017) USA
Giants (2017) UK
Goblins (2017) UK
Higher power (2017) UK
Jawless (2017) UK
Last hope (2017) Bulgaria
Lost souls (2017) USA
Only attitude counts (2017) Austria
Pints (2017) UK
Poisonous cunt (2017) UK
Racetraitor (2017) USA
Rotten foxes (2017) UK
Spider crew (2017) Austria
Absorption (2018) UK
Arms race (2018) UK
Ballkick (2018) UK
Big Cheese (2018) UK
Knuckledust (2018) UK
The Babes (2018) UK
Vile Spirit (2018) UK
The Wilderness (2018) Slovakia
Rozpor (2018) Slovakia
Fyasco (2018) Slovakia
Esazlesa(2018) Czech rep.
Catastrofy (2018) Slovakia
True reason (2018) Slovakia
Hrobar (2018) Slovakia
Prowler (2018) UK
Ataraxia (2018) Slovakia
Money shot (2018) UK
Last orders (2018) UK
and many more including moshing kids, stage dives and load of happy faces.

over 180 bands

18 left PM for booking your copy or visit

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